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Here at Coldcurve, we specialise in industrial process control to provide your business with improved product quality, reduced down time and increased volume.

Our industrial process control is carried out by the following:

  • Consultant
  • Electrical
  • Equipment
  • Instruments
  • Machinery
  • Motion
  • Systems and Plc systems

Mitsubishi Services

We are extremely experienced in providing Mitsubishi services including control systems, displays, networking, reporting, and mobile systems. Our extensive Mitsubishi services involve providing new control systems to a new production line or adapting an existing system to enhance its production performance.

Mitsubishi Services

Control Panels

We manufacture control panels in all sizes and complexity. Our control panels include multi-bay, wall mounted and machine mounted designs. We provide a complete control panel services from bespoke design through to programming, installation and maintenance.

Our high quality control panels use components from:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Siemens
  • Moeller
  • Omron
  • Beijer
  • Schneider
  • Rittal
  • Eldon
  • Trumeter
Control Panels

Motion Control Systems

We design and build accurate motion control systems to replace outdated and costly repetitive labour tasks. Our motion control systems use a modern design to check processes against algorithms and settings, thousand of times per second. Our systems are often integrated within packaging, process or assembly lines.

Wiring and Installation

We provide an assortment of wiring and installation services, ranging from very small modifications to a large factory automation system. We work along side clients and installers of the equipment to meet specifications and to provide final commissioning of the electrical system at completion. Our wiring and installation services are provided for small modifications to existing systems to a complete retrofit of machine and factory automation systems.

Electrical Diagnosis

We understand how machine downtime costs money, reduces production and can affect your future viability. Our electrical diagnosis service enables us to get you back into production rapidly. Our highly experienced and skilled engineers use electrical diagnosis to locate any problem quickly and provide you with the solution to resume normal productivity in the fastest possible way.


Thermography is a infrared imaging science used to detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of that radiation called thermograms.

We use thermography for an assortment of applications and maintenance including:

  • Detecting loose or corroded electrical connections
  • Electrical unbalance and overloads
  • Electric motors
  • Industrial gearboxes
  • Bearings and moving components
  • Monitoring transformers
  • Examining levels of tanks and vessels
  • Moisture in buildings and energy waste in buildings
  • Faulty under floor heating systems


Our consultation services are designed to assist your business with improved product quality, greater volume and less downtime. We provide full consultation services and are dedicated to meeting all your requirements.

Bespoke Maintenance Solutions

We provide bespoke maintenance solutions to meet individual requirements. We assess equipment or sites and recommend a maintenance schedule to be carried out.

Each contract is specifically designed to your individual needs.

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