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A family company since 1962, enriched by three generations, Collinson now operate in three main industry sectors; Agriculture, Construction and Renewables

The Collinson company visions and values ensure that we are committed to improvement through change so we are able to continue providing our customers the highest quality products at competitive prices throughout the company.





Our Agricultural Sector provides customers with a wide range of Silos, Conveyors, Feeders and Weighers to help our customers reach maximum levels of efficiency with storage, transportation and feed management requirements in order to run a profitable business.

Renowned for outstanding quality and longevity, all products have been designed to maximise feeding efficiency. Excellence of service and quality management is at the core of our company values.



At our 6 acre site in Catterall, Preston we have been manufacturing cylindrical galvanised steel silos since 1962. 

Over the last 50 years the range of silos has grown and evolved in line with the changing needs of today’s farmer. 

Our range includes 100 models with capacities up to 40 tonnes, designed to accommodate a diverse range of feeds, discharge applications and budgets. 

From a small capacity pick up, mobile silos, kit form models right through to the Centre or Side discharge Premium County Range, we are confident we have a silo to meet your requirements.

All our silos are available in galvanised finish or in a choice of 6 colour coated, Plasteel™ finish which can help with planning requirements or simply help the silo fit into its surroundings.

To find out which silo would be ideal for you, select your requirements on our helpful  silo selector


Collinson offer a range of conveyors to complement the silo and deliver feed to your animals in the optimum condition. 

Whether you are feeding pigs, poultry, cattle or mill n mix, we have a conveyor suitable for you. Utilising a conveyor eliminates manual whilst protecting the feed from moistire and the surrounding area free of dust, providing you with reliability in operation for your piece of mind.

Choose from our range of centreless conveyors, shaft driven augers, chain and disc and cable and disc conveyors to find the ideal system for you.





To complement the silos and conveyors and provide a complete feeding system, our range of feeding solutions aim to help maximise feeding efficiency for the pig, poultry and dairy sectors.

Our feeders range from the low cost, simple options, to the more sophisticated automated systems. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team to find out which feeding system would best meet your requirements.



Collinson offer a range of weighing solutions to suit different applications; from a simple mechanical tip batch weigher to the more accurate electronic batch weigher. 

A silo load cell weighing system is also a simple method to monitor feed usage, with accurate, reliable results; this method can be integrated into a process controller for a more intelligent feed management system to perform tasks such as batching or electronic feed consumption.

Contact our sales team for more information on our range of weighers


At Collinson we are committed to helping the UK meet the governments 2020 renewables target aiming for 15% of all energy produced to come from renewable sources.

With our range of Biomass storage and conveying systems we hope we can help our customers progress their involvement with in green energy.

Biomass Storage and Conveying

In the currect climate, with ever increasing energy costs renewable energy is an increasingly important topic.

Our range of specialist biomass silos are available in capacities up to 35 tonnes have been designed the safe, dry storage of wood pellets before they are conveyed into the boiler

If required our silos can be specified to accommodate ATEX and DSEAR requirements, our specialist team will make you aware of the options so you can personalise the silo for your installation.

Conveying is the ideal solution to transport your pellets from the silo to boiler, manual handling is eliminated and the environment remains dust free. To offer flexibility in design Collinson offer a choice of flexible spiral and vacuum conveyors with varying throughputs to suit different boiler sizes, all with one thing in common; reliability in operation, for peace of mind. 


Solar PV

Our renewables sector has recently expanded with the launch of our new Solar PV division.

With soaring energy prices and reserves of fossil fuels quickly depleting, Solar PV Panels are being recognized as the future of renewable energy as it is a clean method of generating electricity with no pollution side effects therefore helping reduce your carbon footprint whilst combatting the greenhouse effect produced from fossil fuels.

Our Solar PV panels are suitable for installation in the agricultural and commercial sectors for both roof and ground mounted systems. To find out if you could reap the benefits of running on sun fill in our Solar PV Enquiry form.


With extensive design and build experience in the sports, leisure, commercial and industrial sectors, Collinson offer a range of facilities to suit your design aspirations and your budget.

All of our structures are customised to each client's specifications and budgets, our in house architectural design team work closely with clients to design a building bespoke to your individual requirements.

All of our structures can be complemented by integrating ancillary accomodation such as viewing areas, offices, classrooms, fitness suites, changing and shower facilities to name a few, to provide maximum versatility to you new building.


The Challenger structure is constructed from a steel framed super structure and covered with a heavy duty architectural membrane to crate a light, bright environment. 

The design of the superstructure creates massive internal clear span space perfect for sport and leisure facilities, and industrial and commercial ventures. The architectural membrane can be selected specific to your requirements, the standard membrane allows daylight to permeate into the facility or select a blackout membrane to create a dark interior ideal for exhibitions or museums looking for a quirky finish. 



Based on the Challanger building system, the Challenger+ incorporates an innovative insulation system acheiving U values of 0.087W/m2K to create a comfortable sporting environment. 

Internally the dual membrane cover also conceals the internal steelwork for simple cleaning and maintenance whilst also improving the accoustic performance inside the facility.

The lattice steel framed superstructures provides great versatility in design, choose from our range of standard frames or work with our in house architectural technologists to create an eyecatching design bespoke to your facility


A more traditional style build with a modern twist, Evolution is a fully insulated facility constructed using a modular steel framed superstructure for added flexibility in design.

Internally, the Evolution superstructure creates clear span space capable of spans up to 80m + providing ideal facilities for a wide range of sectors requireing uninterupted internal space.

Externally the structure can be clad with a range of materials such as glazing, timber cladding, steel or render to create a visually stunning appearance or help the facility blend in with the existing site.

MugaCova - Cover your Multi Use Games Area

Play can continue whatever the weather, all year round with a MugaCova, a steel superstructure with a tensile membrane roof designed specifically to keep your multi use games area dry.

The design of the steel structure enables MugaCova to be designed bespoke to your MUGA,so its possible to cover anysize sports area from a basketball court up to a full size football pitch. For additional versatility, install low carbon lighting to allow play to contnue after dark, throughout the year.



AirDomes provide a fast and cost effective solution to cover an exisitng sports area or to create a brand new indoor facility. With quick deployment and with minimal time and investment required for groundworks your sporting season can be easily extended with an AirDome

Internally incorporate additional ancillary accomodation such as changing rooms and viewing areas to create a facility bespoke to your requirements. 

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