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Programmable Logic Controllers

We are suppliers of a wide range of automation products including a variety of programmable logic controllers. As well as standard programmable controllers, we also cater for bespoke designs based on our own controllers range.

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are the core of our industrial automation range. These innovative and powerful British made controllers are designed and manufactured in the UK and can form the basis of your particular control system requirements.

We have four  types available

FMT100 series - Din rail mounting, 22K user program/data memory, RTC, will support 16 digital Inputs and 16 digital Outputs or 4  analogue Inputs and 4 analogue Outputs. Compact and low cost PLC available as 12vdc or 24vdc.

FMT200 series - Gear plate mounting, 200K user flash program/ data memory, RTC, 4 RS232 ports, 2 RS485 ports, 8 high speed Inputs, inbuilt display. Available in two versions FMT200D 48 digital Inputs and 32 digital Outputs or FMT200J 8 Analogue inputs, 4 Analogue Outputs, 32 digital Inputs and 24 digital Outputs.

FMT400 series - Rack based modular programmable controller. Will support up to 2048 digital Inputs and Outputs, up to 512 Analogue Inputs and Outputs, 8 RS232/RS485 ports, 300K user program/ data memory, 22 different cards to choose from.

Bis100 Programmable Fieldbus Interface unit - Gear plate mounting, 200K user flash program/ data memory, RTC, 4 RS232 ports, 2 RS485 ports 4 digital Inputs and 4 relay Outputs, and socket for Fieldbus module.

Flex32 Programming package is available free at our website


Programmable Logic Controllers

R-ident Tagging Systems

We provide the most comprehensive options in tagging systems. Our tagging systems service includes the distribution of automatic identification (Auto I.D.) equipment.

R-Ident is a low-powered / low cost tagging system. It is designed for remote monitoring and identification of static or moving assets. R-ident has a number of applications, including Security and Safety Monitoring, Process and Flow Monitoring / Switching e.g. of fuel, or water supply. As a Security Hub, R-ident sends a text alert on intrusion at a tagged asset, e.g. workshop doors, compound or yard gates. The range for sending alerts extends to the GSM network, and the internet, so a user can receive a message on their PC or Laptop. Up to 3 users can be alerted on their mobile phones.
Consisting of a number of tags (transmitters) and readers (receivers), the new system is effective at ranges of up to 400m.

R-ident can also be adapted for use with boat life-jackets, i.e. to alarm / alert 'Man Overboard'

The system utilizes 433 MHz radio transmission technologies. The tags - which are completely self contained - have a typical battery life of around 8 years and broadcast signals containing their unique code number and input information.

These tags can also monitor up to 2 inputs and send the status of these inputs along with their ID.

Sophisticated transmission technology ensures that even with hundreds of tags transmitting - data will always be received.

The transmitter tags are easy to install
Weatherproof (IP68) and resistant to mechanical shock and vibration
Have no need for line of sight
Transmit 3 times per minute unless and alarm event is triggered
Uses pseudo random time hopping to avoid collisions
Each transmission contains Tag type; User ID, Tag ID, Input Status, Battery Status and Elapsed Hours
Every customer has a unique user ID that will receive up to 99,999,999 different tag numbers
Receivers can be programmed to receive tags from 8 different User Numbers.


R-ident Tagging Systems

TagMaster Tagging Systems

Colter Products are also the leading UK distributor of Tagmaster AB. The Swedish company TagMaster AB is a leading microwave ID tagging company with many reference installations around the World. Automatic Vehicle Identity system (AVI)

 The products are based upon the international microwave standard of 2.45GHz. The product range includes compact communicators with ranges up to 10 metres, read only and read write tags of heavy duty and credit card sizes.

This system gives very reliable tag readings every time. 

Heavy duty
Upto 10m read range
Upto 400km/h read range
High temperatures

TagMaster products have found many uses and are particularly suited to:

Automatic Vehicle Identification ( AVI )
Access control in: gated communities, university, garages, airports, municipalities, harbours, hospitals, schools
Factory automation and process control
And many more applications!

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) using wireless communication is a secure and convenient solution for vehicle access control. TagMaster’s RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system is ideally suited for AVI applications, where long read-range, high reliability and open connectivity are required.

The TagMaster reader can be connected to a central host or be used in a stand-alone configuration. 
Stand-alone. The reader has an internal database to which the ID-tags’ unique identities can be uploaded. The reader checks the identity and accepts/rejects the ID-tag based on ID-tag status. This is a cost effective solution for remote installations, where it is difficult or expensive with cable connections to a central host. Administration of the database is performed on site or remotely via GPRS or WLAN modules connected to the reader’s  USB interface. 
Network Enabled. One or more readers can be linked to a central host. The ID-tags’ identities are processed in the central host, which accepts/rejects the ID-tags and  controls the barriers/gates. This is a common solution for access control systems.

”Non-Stop Access”  
To achieve a “non-stop” vehicle access  at installation sites equipped with gates that open slowly, we recommend mounting the readers further away from the gate.
From a security perspective, this is a safe way of entry, as the driver does not have to stop the vehicle. From an economical point of view, a non-stop solution will decrease fuel consumption and is more environmental friendly.

”Vehicle and Personal Access”  
TagMaster’s CombiTag and MarkTag MeM duo makes it possible to use one tag for both long-range and short-range identification.
These ID-tags contains both long-range and proximity RFID technologies. 
The driver uses the same ID-tag for vehicle access as well as for personal access. 
Removing the ID-tag from the parked vehicle  also prevents vehicle theft, since it cannot leave  without ID-tag. 
The CombiTag and MarkTag MeM duo can be configured with HID’s proximity technology.

”Added Value” 

The TagMaster RFID system can also be used to add further value to the client’s  business. A TagMaster reader can for example be linked to a fuel pump or a scale, where the weight and ID-tag data of the vehicle are transmitted to a central host. By weighing  the vehicle before and after loading/unloading, the weight is automatically entered into  the system. The information can for example be used for invoicing, time stamps or  wastage control.




TagMaster Tagging Systems

Phoenix Contact terminals and PCB connectors

Phoenix Contact is a global company providing a range of 6 different categories of electric connection and industrial automation technology.

Colter has been distributing Phoenix Contact products since March 1992; we support this activity by holding ample stocks of the most popular items thus ensuring prompt service for customers of these products. As a distributor we can provide competitive pricing large or small projects.

Industrial Connection Technology - CLIPLINE - From Din rail mounting terminal blocks trough to assembly material and tools, everything you require for your control panel/cabinet.

Industrial Connectors - PLUSCON - A modern and comprehensive program of industrial connectors for all applications.

PCB Connection Systems - COMBICON - PCB Terminal blocks and plug connectors. For development departments, Phoenix also provides electronic housing; plug in card blocks and Din socket strips.

Surge Protection - TRABTECH - One of the markets widest product ranges, structured in surge protection for power supplies, data interfaces, and measure and control applications.

Signal Converters - INTERFACE - A range of products providing interface with binary, serial, analog signals as well as power supplies, PLC cabling and electronic load relays.

Components and Systems - AUTOMATION - From the serial sensor to visualization software. The AUTOMATION catalogue offers everything modern automation technology requires

Phoenix Contact terminals and PCB connectors

Switch Gear Systems

Colter has been distributing Switch Gear Systems Ltd. products since 2000. As a distributor we can provide competitive pricing for large or small projects.

Switch Gear manufacture  Electrical Switchgear and specialist products. They  stock, assemble and customise switchgear to your requirements including:

Isolators, Switchfuses, Changeover switches, Bypass switches, Automatic Transfer Systems, Busbar Chambers, enclosed MCCB and ACB solutions.

Products range from 20A to 7000A open or enclosed, in three pole, TP&N or four pole with accessories including auxiliary contacts, remote monitoring, metering and RCD protection.

Switchgear Systems Ltd's products are available for all industrial applications including:

Power Utilities, Telecommunications, Defence, Food and Leisure, Standby Power and renewable energy sectors such as voltage stabilisation, optimisation and photo-voltaic.

Switch Gear Systems

Chint Circuit Protection & Distribution Products

Colter Products are a leading distributor of CHINT circuit protection equipment and motor control gear components.

CHINT are one of the largest worldwide producers of voltage equipment, dominating Asian, American markets and now expanding into the European market, so expect a excellent quality product.

All CHINT products are independently tested and approved by ASTA to current European standards.

As a distributor we can offer upto 60% discount off trade prices for domestic and industrial products.
CHINT circuit protection equipment.

Used in the domestic, commercial & industrial markets, we can provide:

17th edition Split Load Consumer Units- Metal Enclosed, Compliant with Amendment 3 of BS 7671, Shower & Garage Units

Three Phase Distribution Boards

MCB - B C D curve 6KA or 10KA. 1 2 3 or 4 pole

RCD - 16-100A, 2 or 4 pole

Isolators - 1 2 3 or 4 pole

RCB0 - single pole, single pole plus N

Programmable timers

Motr Control Gear components

More commonly used within the industrial market for control panels we can provide

AC contactors - 24, 48, 110, 230, 415VAC

DC contactors

Thermal overload Relays


22.5mm push button swiches, LED's, buzzers, emergency stops, key switch

Air circuit beakers

As well as CHINT control panel components we can provide our own din rail modules or design to your requirements.

Chint Circuit Protection & Distribution Products

Relay Modules

As a leading supplier of a wide variety of automation products, our services include the provision of differing options for relay modules.

Our relay modules/relay interfaces complement any industrial automation project and they are acquirable as custom designed to suit your exact requirements.

Colter Products also provide a range of unique relay modules which have a fuse blown indication alarm.

Designed for use in large IO installations as found in power stations and process plants, fuse failure indication makes plant maintenance quicker ensuring the customer can get up and working again with minimum delay.

Available in 1, 4, 8 or 16 channel modules, 12vdc, 24vdc, 48vdc coil voltages, 0.25A to 5A fuse

Easily connected within your existing SCADA  system, via screw terminals or IDC connector suitable for SCHNEIDER ADVANTYS STB

All modules are designed to fit on all standard NS32 and NS35 Din Rail

Colter Products can provide competative pricing for all Finder, Phoenix Contact and Schrack (TYCO) products.

Relay Modules

Custom Interface Modules

As well as an immense variety of stock products, we also produce and supply Custom Interface Modules. Our custom interface modules service covers all electronic fields.

Colter Products is proud of its design facilities. Colter offers customers an electronic design service that utilises the latest CAD software for Schematic and PCB design.

Our team of engineers is fully versed to design electronic systems to the very latest worldwide standards. No matter what genre of electronics is required whether it's analogue, digital, microcontroller, RF, fuse blown indicating modules or relay modules, Colter can handle the design for you.

We specialise in offering customers extremely low design costs, as we know this can be the limiting factor in whether a project goes ahead or not.

As a medium sized manufacturer we target small to medium sized volume projects. We are equipped to offer the complete service to satisfy your requirements, from the simplest assembly through to complete turnkey systems. Because of its size Colter is able to respond to unique demands with speed and efficiency.

Custom Interface Modules

Finder Relays

We are Distributors for  Finder Relays  and welcome enquiries for any of the Finder range:

Switch PCB relays, industrial relays, relay interface modules, sockets and accessories.

Control timers, monitoring relays, energy meters, surge protection device, industrial thermostat, 

modular solid state relay, switch mode power supplies, filter fan.

Residential & Commercial light dependent relays, electronic step relays, modular contactors, 

electronic staircase timers, time switches, dimmer, PIR movement detectors, thermostat 

Finder Relays

Human Machine Interfaces

Our extensive products and services also include various options for Human Machine Interfaces.

HMI's are an effective way of adding a user interface to any project. HMIs are used for a number of applications including operator interaction and status indication.

Human Machine Interfaces
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