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Comac Machinery is an industry leading process equipment manufacturer for a range of process machinery that can meet all our customers’ needs and exceed them.

Our customers ranging from small companies to large multi-national organizations continue to expand their operations and increase their equipment numbers for processing and this is where we can help by providing a bespoke manufacture, servicing and installation service for processing equipment.

Some examples of the process equipment we can manufacture include:

  • Roller laminating
  • Flat press laminating
  • Roller coating
  • Slot coating
  • Reel to reel slitting and rewinding machines

Process Equipment Design

Process equipment design is a very important factor in the manufacture of processing equipment to ensure the product is manufactured to the correct specifications and for the purpose it was intended for.

Comac Machinery can help you through the complete process from initial design and concept to the manufacturing and installation of the final product.

To get more information on the process equipment design that we can offer you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Process Equipment Design

Roller Laminating

Comac Machinery can manufacture and provide superior roller laminating equipment for all your laminating requirements. Our roller laminating equipment has been used in some diverse industries for a host of applications.

Some examples of where our roller laminating equipment is used daily include:

  • Automotive industry
  • Profile lamination and panel lamination
  • Surface frame lamination and profiles lamination
Roller Laminating

Flat Press Laminating

Comac machinery are specialist manufacturers in flat press laminating equipment and can provide our customers with a excellent equipment  that will meet your Flat press laminating requirements

Flat panel laminating provides even laminating pressure over the entire laminating process so the laminate will be bonded correctly to the product you are laminating.

To discuss flat press laminating equipment we can offer just contacts us and we will be more than happy to help.

Flat Press Laminating

Reel to Reel Slitting and Rewinding Machines

We can manufacture and install and service a wide range of reel to reel slitting and rewinding machines. Our reel to reel slitting machines use static and rotary cutting techniques to meet all your requirements.

Rewind Machines can provide unwind and rewind operations and automatic guiding techniques for all your needs.

To get more info on our reel to reel slitting and rewinding machines we can offer please contact us.

 Reel to Reel Slitting and Rewinding Machines

Linerless Label Machine

Linerless labels labels do not require a siliconised release liner, they are self-wound. The absence of the liner reduces packaging cost significantly.

There is a high level of PLC programming in our linerless label machine that allow for fault finding or program updating via remote access.

If you are interested in our linerless label machine then please contact us.

Linerless Label Machine
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