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Commercial Audio Solutions Ltd is a UK based distributor of commercial public address PA sound equipment, professional audio products, induction loop & infrared hearing systems supplying audio equipment for retail, office, factory and warehouse environments, schools and colleges as well as pubs, clubs, churches, conference venues, sports stadia and marine applications. In fact, whatever your music and paging requirements are, Commercial Audio Solutions should have what you need!

Products include commercial & professional amplifiers, loudspeakers, microphones, mixers and music sources for all public address and music applications in addition to induction loop amps and Induction loop hearing systems, infra-red audio transmission systems and disabled refuge emergency voice communication call point systems to help meet the requirements of the DDA  (Disability Discrimination Act).

Public Address PA Sound Equipment

Here at Commercial Audio Solutions, we strive to supply the best public address PA sound equipment from a huge selection of suppliers. Our portfolio includes public address amplifiers for both low impedance (8 ohm) and 100 volt line (commercial) systems for larger installations, speakers of all descriptions, sound mixers, microphones, induction loop and infrared hearing systems.

Next time you need any public address PA sound equipment, please give us a call and we will be pleased to help!

Audio Equipment Commercial Professional

We are pleased to supply audio equipment for commercial or professional applications from some  of the worlds leading audio specialists such as Sennheiser, Apart, Electrovoice (EV), Audio Technica, Bosch, Trantec, Denon, Wharfedale Professional, RCF, DNH, TOA, Soundtube, CES Audio and JD Media.

Next time you need audio equipment for commercial or professional purposes, please give us a call.

Paging & Music Loudspeakers

We distribute audio paging & music loudspeakers for most commercial, professional and industrial applications from leading manufacturers such as CES Audio, Bosch, Apart, Electrovoice (EV), RCF, TOA and Wharfedale.

Speakers are available in many shapes and sizes, from a simple indoor ceiling mounted speaker for paging, background music and public address, or column speakers for a church to powerful outdoor horn speakers for addressing crowds. IP rated, weatherproof and waterproof options are available in many cases in addition to fire rated speakers compliant with BS5839 part 8. Low impedance speakers for small installations are complimented by a range of 100 volt line units for large installations where long cable runs are required.

In fact, wherever distributed sound & public address is required, we should have the ideal paging & music loudspeakers!

Ceiling Speakers

Flush mounted ceiling speakers are often fitted into the tiles of a suspended ceiling in commercial public address PA applications for background music, paging & announcements.

Circular, square and rectangular ceiling speakers are available along with high performance models for music.

Where the ceiling is fixed / solid, surface mounted ceiling speakers can be used.

Water Resistant Speakers

Water resistant speakers with a specially treated cone and waterproof housing are ideal for use in bathrooms, saunas and steam rooms.

They can also be used for commercial public address ‘cleanroom’ settings such as food processing plants, where they will withstand being hosed down for hygiene.

IP55 rated water resistant speakers are suitable for both 100 volt line and low impedance 8 ohm systems.

Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers

Weatherproof outdoor speakers are IP rated & are therefore waterproof. This makes them ideal for use outdoors.

The range of weatherproof outdoor speakers includes columns, music speakers, horn speakers and sound projectors, many rated IP65 or IP66 for ingress protection.

Landscape and Garden Speakers

Landscape and garden speakers are waterproof and weatherproof and are perfect for providing background music and paging in parks and landscape gardens.

Rock shaped landscape and garden speakers are available, as well as subterranean speakers which, once installed in the ground are virtually invisible.

Voice Alarm Speakers

We have a range of voice alarm speakers fully compliant with BS5839 part 8 and the newer European Standard EN54.

These regulations govern voice evacuation sound and speaker systems in relation to emergency paging & fire alarm broadcasting.

Voice alarm speakers incorporate many design features to maintain the integrity of the speaker line in the event of a fire.

Horn Speakers

Horn speakers have excellent sound projection characteristics & are often waterproof and weatherproof. Highly directional sound reproduction makes them suitable for areas with high ambient noise.

Horn speakers are often used for public address (PA) at outdoor events, arenas, race tracks for public address paging / commentary etc.

Music horns with enhanced frequency responses are also available for music.

Projector Speakers

Projector speakers, otherwise known as projection loudspeakers or sound projectorshave excellent sound projection, and are generally better than horn speakers for music reproduction.

Bi-directional projector speakers are ideal for walkways and tunnels.

Explosion Proof Speakers for Hazardous Areas

Highly resilient, rugged and intrinsically safe for hazardous areas, explosion proof speakers are designed for use in areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids may be present.

Explosion proof speakers enable safety announcements and paging to be heard in hazardous areas.

These speakers also comply with BS5839 part 8, for use in voice alarm systems for fire & emergency evacuation announcements.

Column Speakers

Multiple speaker cones are used to create slimline column speakers.

Column speakers are typically seen in church sound systems. They give excellent vertical sound dispersion but coverage is limited horizontally.

For this reason, several column loudspeakers can be mounted in a cluster or around pillars.

Cabinet Speakers

Cabinet speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are usually wall mounted using a keyhole fixing or a multi-directional wall mounting bracket.

Cabinet speakers are ideal for background music and general public address paging in commercial / retail environments and are available in low impedance (8 ohm) & 100 volt line variations.

Suspended Pendant Speakers

Suspended Pendant speakers often called suspension speakers or pendant ball loudspeakers, have wide sound dispersion characteristics so are ideal for high ceilings and are typically used in DIY sheds and warehouses.

Suspended Pendant speakers are perfect for background music, paging and public address announcements.

Narrow 'focus' suspension speakers are available for specialist applications such as a descriptive narrative about a museum object, where extraneous sound would be disturbing to others.

Passive Subwoofer

Some amplifiers have a dedicated output for a powered or active subwoofer loudspeaker for enhanced, powerful bass.

Others require a simple passive subwoofer.

Use in conjunction with discreet ‘satellite’ speakers.

A powered or passive subwoofer is Ideal where high quality full range sound is important but visible speakers need to be small and neat as a subwoofer can be hidden out of sight whilst providing punchy bass responses.

Active Powered Subwoofer

Some amplifiers have a dedicated output for an active powered subwoofer loudspeaker for enhanced, powerful bass.

Others require a simple passive subwoofer.

Use in conjunction with discreet ‘satellite’ speakers.

An active powered subwoofer is ideal where high quality full range sound is important but visible speakers need to be small and neat as a subwoofer can be hidden out of sight.

Pro Sound Speakers

Pro sound speakers are low impedance (8 ohm) or 100 volt line (for larger installations) loudspeakers with extended frequency responses for background music where superior sound quality is required.

Pro sound speakers are ideal for for applications such as bars, restaurants & boutiques.

Commercial Loudspeakers

Commercial Loudspeakers are available in all shapes and sizes. Whether for a simple paging and background music system or a life safety emergency voice evacuation system, we will have the speakers to suit your commercial audio project.

Commercial loudspeakers can be low impedance for more compact installations or 100 volt line for large areas or multiple zones.

100 Volt Line Loudspeakers

100 volt line loudspeakers are used for commercial audio sound systems where the speakers are spread over a large area, as the audio signal is more stable and suffers less 'loss' over long cable runs than low impedance (domestic) type systems.

A transformer in the 100 volt line amplifier steps up the output voltage to 100 volts and this is then stepped down by a transformer in each individual 100 volt line loudspeaker.


Low impedance and 100 volt line options are available in our range of audio amplifiers to suit a wide variety of public address or background music applications.

Amplifiers are available in numerous variations such as power amps, mixer amps, multi-channel and multi-zone amps some with telephone interface and paging capabilities.

Pre Amp Audio Mixers

Pre amp audio mixers (sound mixers) allow several microphone and line level inputs to be mixed and balanced.

The output can then be routed to different output zones in order to distribute background music and paging into specific areas.

We supply pre amp audio mixers by manufacturers such as Apart, Audio Technica, Behringer, Bosch, Cloud, Denon and JD Media.

Mixer Amps

Mixer amps allow several microphone and line level inputs to be combined and mixed then amplified for distribution through a commercial audio loudspeaker system.

Low impedance or 100 volt line, single zone or multiple zone, mixer amps are feature rich for maximum flexibility.

By manufacturers such as Apart, Bosch, Cloud, Denon and JD Media.

Power Amps

Power amps are available in 100 volt line or low impedance versions. They are also known as booster amplifiers or slave amps, and are usually used in conjunction with an audio mixer in a commercial audio system.

Power amps often have multiple output zones, to route the sound into different areas.

See the superb new fanless power amps by Apart which use convection cooling for silent operation and excellent reliability.

Voice Alarm System

The versatile Plena voice alarm system from Bosch features a system controller with 6 zones, built in 240 watt amplifier and digital message system in which up to 255 emergency messages / chimes & tones can be stored. A remote control panel can also be added.

This emergency evacuation voice alarm system can be expanded to a total of 60 zones with the addition of up to 9 Bosch Plena 6 zone routers.

A dedicated 6 zone paging microphone and optional expansion keypad is also available.

Portable PA System

A portable PA system consists of an amplifier with built in mixer and suitably matched loudspeakers.

They are ideal for live music performances, sound reinforcement and general public address.

We are pleased to feature a portable PA system / mobile music systems from Wharfedale Pro.

Portable Sound Systems

Portable sound systems are great for sales presentations & product demonstrations as well as aerobics classes & dance instructors in shopping centres, schools, colleges, hotels and recreation centres.

Variable pitch control enables music tempo to be altered to a suit the dance pace or exercise as required.

Portable sound systems are usually supplied with a wired or wireless radio mic and with CD player and/or MP3 player or USB input.


Microphones are a vital component of most public address systems as well as commercial audio systems, from a simple ‘press to talk’ paging mic through to more sophisticated call stations with individual zone selection. Microphones for use on stage provide the greatest area of diversity though! Simple hand held mics offer a wide range of frequency responses from a basic model suitable for speech through to high performance models for more demanding vocals. Specialist instrument mics are also available with appropriate mounting brackets.

The range of wireless radio microphones is massive. Simple VHF models offer excellent value for money for small venues, but the UHF frequencies offer greater flexibility and multi-channel options. Many microphone frequencies require a licence, and licensing requirements have undergone huge changes recently – please call us for advice.

Infra Red Induction Loop Hearing Systems

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as an infrared induction loop hearing system - it is either an induction loop (see below) which relies on an electromagnetic field, or an infrared audio transmission system where the receiver needs to be in line of sight of the transmitter.

To help with hearing in places where privacy is paramount, such as in a court room, an traditional induction loop system would be unsuitable.

In these circumstances, an infrared induction loop hearing system is more appropriate. As the hard of hearing person needs to be in 'line of sight' of the transmitter, infra red systems offer more privacy and security, as there can be no 'overspill' into adjacent rooms / areas.

Infra-red sound transmission can also be used as a tour guide system due to its directional nature.


Induction Loop Hearing Systems

Induction Loop Hearing Systems enable you to comply with the BS8300 / Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 2004, whihc states that all service providers in contact with the general public must provide assistive hearing equipment (often referred to as hearing loops) at the point of contact.

We supply induction loop hearing systems to aid the partially deaf and ‘hard of hearing’ in public places and at home.

There are a variety of induction loop systems, sometimes referred to a deaf loops, for hearing aid users. Hearing loops are designed to suit a wide variety of situations from a simple reception desk situation to a lecture theatre. By using the 'T' position on the hearing aid, the hard of hearing can hear more clearly in places where background noise would normally make it difficult.

Additionally, infra-red audio transmission systems (often incorrectly referred to as infrared induction loop hearing systems) allow discreet transmission of sound in courtrooms, lecture theatres & interview rooms where it is important to ensure the transmission cannot be 'heard' in adjacent rooms.

Induction Loop Amplifiers

There is a wide range of audio frequency induction loop equipment which complies with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) 2004, BS8300 and EN60118-4.

Portable, battery powered induction loop amplifiers are easy to move from one place to another. Fixed position counter loops are perfect for reception desks and ticket booths whilst a larger rack mounted or free standing induction loop amp would provide cover in large spaces such as in a church or auditorium.

Low overspill induction loop amplifiers can be used to maintain privacy when separate systems are required in adjacent rooms.

These all enable hard of hearing people to hear and communicate more clearly, simply by switching their hearing aids to the 'T' position. (Modern digital hearing aids switch automatically).

Portable Induction Loop System

Ideal for temporary use in banks and meeting rooms, the Signet PL1/K1 portable induction loop system is fully rechargeable and provides a 1 metre operating range – ideal for a temporary hearing loop across a desk or counter.

Freestanding and lightweight, it can be moved easily to where it is needed.

Self contained, with integral microphone. A cut-off timer prevents accidental battery discharge.

A portable induction loop system is a simple and effective way to meet the needs of the hearing aid user and comply with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) 2004.

Small Room Induction Loop

A small room induction loop kit is ideal for a small room, classroom or TV lounge.

The SigNET PDA102 induction loop amplifier gives up to 50sqm coverage, and can be wall or table mounted. It is available in a variety of self contained kits to suit different applications

It is extremely compact and simple to install and complies with the DDA legislation BS8300 and also EN60118-4.

As well as being suitable for a small room induction loop it can also be permanently installed at a counter or customer service desk etc.

Domestic Induction Loop

A freestanding domestic induction loop amplifier is perfect for home use to help the ‘hard of hearing’ listen to the television more easily and clearly without disturbing other family members or neighbours.

The Signet DL50K domestic induction loop amplifier comes as a kit with all necessary connecting leads in the box.

Vehicle Induction Loop for Cars or Taxis

A low voltage vehicle induction loop amplifier is ideal for the hearing aid user in a car, taxi or even a boat.

The SigNET VL1  vehicle induction loop for cars and taxis is a small and discreet induction loop driver which can be easily mounted under a dashboard of a car or taxi.

A metal compensation control helps eliminate frequency response problems caused by metal absorbing the magnetic field.

A 24V DC power version is available to suit buses and coaches too..

Enables full compliance with the DDA.

Vehicle Induction Loop for Buses and Coaches

A 24 volt DC vehicle induction loop amplifier is ideal for the hearing aid user in a bus or coach.

The SigNET VL1 vehicle induction loop for buses and coaches is a small and discreet induction loop driver which enables a hearing aid user to hear instructions from the driver or tour guide more easily.

A metal compensation control helps eliminate frequency response problems caused by metal absorbing the magnetic field.

A 12V DC power version is available to suit cars and taxis too..

Enables full compliance with the DDA.

Counter Induction Loop

A counter induction loop hearing system provides a neat solution for the provision of hearing assistance at a counter, information desk or customer service point to enable a hearing aid user to hear more clearly in areas of high ambient noise.

The Signet ML1K counter induction loop kit comprises of a compact wall mounted loop amp, microphone, loop cable and loop ID sticker.

It fits neatly into a double gang electrical backbox and complies with DDA legislation BS8300 and also EN60118-4.

Induction loop Kits

A range of self contained induction loop kits are available to suit a variety of applications.

This makes it even simpler to ensure you have the correct equipment available for a particular induction loop requirement.

The Signet Induction Loop Kits are based around the PDA200E wall mounted loop amp and the kits are available in the following formats:

AKM1 Meeting room induction loop kit

AKR1 Waiting room induction loop kit

AKT1 TV / music lounge induction loop kit

AKL1 Lecture room induction loop kit

AKU1 Retail unit induction loop kit

AKW1 Church / Place of worship induction loop kit  (with either lavalier radio mic or fixed lectern microphone)

AKH1 Health and fitness club induction loop kit (with either lavalier radio mic or hand held radio microphone)

Induction Loop Tester

SigNET’s new FPROK Fosmeter Pro magnetic field strength and induction loop tester kit is designed to simplify the setup of an induction loop system and ensure its compliance with the latest version of BS EN 60118-4 (Magnetic field strength in audio-frequency induction loops for hearing aid purposes).

The kit includes the FPRO Fosmeter Pro induction loop tester, an MP3 player with pre-loaded test tones and a set of headphones.

Copper Foil Tape for Induction Loops

Insulated Copper Foil Tape is used with induction loop amps to form the electromagnetic loop and is ideal to lay under floor coverings or behind wallpaper, where standard wire would be too bulky or cause a trip hazard.

The insulated copper foil tape is available in 3 different widths - 12mm, 25mm and 31mm - to suit the different current requirements of the induction loop amplifiers.

Emergency Voice Communication Call Point Systems

In a multi-storey building, Emergency Voice Communication Call Point Systems, facilitate simple, effective two-way communication between a disabled refuge area and control room, to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and to reassure people help is on the way.

Emergency Voice Communication Call Point Systems can also be used for fire telephone or stadium marshalling purposes as specified in BS5839 part 9.

Current Building Regulations now insist that all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey provide ‘refuge’ areas - relatively safe places where people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts can wait for assistance in an emergency. Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) provides a means to call for help from the refuge area.

Soundfield Classroom Sound Systems

Lively / noisy school classrooms, or high ambient noise from equipment or outside can make it difficult for a teacher to be heard clearly resulting in reduced concentration levels in the pupils and vocal strain and fatigue for the teacher.

SoundField classroom sound systems  raise the volume of the teacher's voice above this ambient noise level, to give even voice coverage throughout the room and without the need to shout!

Basic SoundField Voice Reinforcement classroom sound systems consist of a wireless microphone and receiver, an amplifier, loudspeakers and connection cables, however, due to the many differing conditions in classrooms, a bespoke system can be designed and specified to give the best results.

In Ear Monitoring

In Ear Monitoring, or IEM is a discreet and effective way of monitoring yourself whilst performing on stage and is a neat alternative to traditional wedge shaped monitor speakers.

Traditionally, wedge shaped monitor speakers are placed on the stage in front of the performer. However, where there are several artists needing a monitor, this can get noisy and the sound is then difficult to hear clearly. Similarly, if the artist moves 'off axis', the speaker can no longer be heard clearly.

A wireless IEM in ear monitoring system enables the performer to move around the stage and still hear clearly, reducing the need for large obstructive wedge speakers and improving the clarity of sound.



We are main dealers for the Bosch professional audio products, including highly versatile conferencing systems, public address amplifiers and full range of great value speakers.

We also stock products from other leading audio manufacturers including Sennheiser, Electrovoice, Audio Technica, TOA, RCF, Denon, Cloud and Wharfedale.

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