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Commercial Fuel Solutions Ltd are specialists in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of fuel storage and transfer systems. Providing a range of professional solutions to suit all areas of industry, our systems are recognised for durability, performance and reliability.

Fuel Storage Tanks

We stock a wide range of fuel storage solutions, ranging from 350 litre standalone domestic oil storage tanks up to 63000 litre Bunded Fuel Stations with integral dispensing pump. All of the Fuel tanks we supply are manufactured to OFS T100 under strict supervision to ISO standards.

Bunded Oil Tanks

We offer a range of oil storage solutions suitable for both domestic and commercial installations.

Available in sizes ranging from 350 to 60000 litres, all of our bunded oil tanks are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.

Storage Tanks for AdBlue®

AdBlue when stored outdoors has a typical shelf life of 6-12 months, in perfect conditions this can extend to almost 18 months.

Spanning from 2500 through to 10000 litres capacity, we offer a range of storage solutions designed specifically for storing and dispensing AdBlue.

Fuel Transfer Pumps

Efficient fuel transfer relies on a suitable pump being installed, failure to install the correct fuel pump can result either in premature product failure, or even worse a catastrophic event, such as over pressuring of an unattended delivery line which could result in a costly spill.

The range of fuel transfer pumps which we supply are designed to meet the demands of modern applications including handling various Biodiesel blends, fuel oils and different grades of Diesel.

Fuel Management Systems

Accurate fuel systems management is a fundamental part of ensuring that your business maintains fuel efficiency and keeps costs down. Ever increasing diesel prices continue to impact business owners everywhere.

Our systems are quick and easy to fit yourself, alternatively we can offer an on-site installation service at a national level, either call our sales engineers on 0845 688 9755 to discuss your requirements in detail or select from one of the options on our Fuel Management Systems web page.

Flow Meters

We carry a large stock of flow metering solutions, ranging from domestic oil heating meters which measure as little as 0.5 litre/hr up to bulk transfer meters for custody approved transfer capable of handling massive flow rates exceeding 1200 litre/min.

Our range of flowmeters are suitable for most fuels, including kerosene, biodiesel and methanol. Our most popular diesel fuel meter the DM100 has sold over 10000 units worldwide.

Cimtek Fuel Filters

System filtration is essential to maintain an efficient installation and ensure that important components are protected from ingress damage.

Selecting the correct filter couldn’t be easier, simply select your filter from the list on our Cimtek Fuel Filters page which best meets the flow rate of your application.

The filters in this section are suitable for all grades of Diesel, BioDiesel and Gas Oil fuels.

Fuel Hose Reel

Our new range of high visibility, high capacity fuel hose reels, engineered for long term performance and reliability.

These professional hose reels are constructed from heavy gauge steel with a durable high gloss powder coat finish and feature over-sized rollers for reduced hose wear.

Available with either a self winding (retracting) or manually cranked drum the HV Reels ensure that delivery hoses up to 40m in length* are responsibly stored safely away when not in use.

Fuel Delivery and Suction Hoses

We stock a wide range of fuel hoses suitable for fuel transfer from leading manufacturers which include Goodyear and Elaflex.

Hose diameters range from 16 to 50mm and can be ordered either by the meter or as assemblies with fittings swaged on, this includes EN1360 fuel hose and statically bonded assemblies.

In addition to our selection of fuel delivery hose we offer a diverse selection of end fittings including screwed hose tails, Cam lock fittings, dry break couplings and inlet valves.

Fuel Delivery Nozzles

We stock a wide range of refuelling nozzles.

Automatic Nozzles: Spill free transfer into the delivery vehicle is reliant on an Automatic delivery nozzle where the supply of fuel is isolated as soon as the liquid level reaches the tip of the spout. We stock Autonozzles suitable for fuels and AdBlue.

We stock a wide range of automatic refuelling nozzles suitable for a wide range of applications including Commercial Fleet, Aviation, Tanker, Domestic, motorsport & Marine.

Manual nozzles: Suitable for both gravity feed and pumped applications, unlike automatic nozzles which are typically designed for refuelling applications, manual nozzles can be used on more viscous fluids and are suitable for dispensing a wide range of fluids including fuels, oils and chemicals.

Commercial Fuel Solutions

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