Commercial Heat Pumps


Here at Commercial Heat Pumps, we have a fantastic selection of commercial heat pumps on offer. Our commercial heat pumps include air to water, air to air and water to water heat pumps. Our bespoke heat pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Eurovent Approved Heat Pumps

Our Eurovent approved heat pumps provide reliable and efficient performance. We supply bespoke Eurovent approved heat pumps either fully assembled and tested or assembled tested and then “knocked down” into manageable sub assemblies. They can be reassembled and commissioned on access restrictive sites.

Air Source Heat Pumps

We supply standard and bespoke air source heat pumps for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our air source heat pumps are all Eurovent certified, a sure sign guarantee of their performance.

Heat Pump Repairs

With over 30 years experience, we provide professional and efficient heat pump repairs to reduce down time and loss of production. Our heat pump repairs include safe, auditable refrigerant management, safe working practices, and quality approved systems and management procedures.

Heat Pump Spares

We stock a comprehensive assortment of heat pump spares to reduce down time and loss of productivity. Our heat pump spares are used by our experienced and skilled team of heat pump engineers during the servicing and maintenance of your heat pumps.

Water Source Heat Pumps

Here at Commercial Heat Pumps, we are part of the Coolmation group. We have over three decades of experience in water source heat pumps and pride ourselves in providing a heat pump service that is second to none. Our water source heat pumps are suitable for both commercial and industrial use.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

We distribute ground source heat pumps to industry sectors nationwide. We have over 30 years of experience and capability in providing ground source heat pumps with installation, heat pump service, maintenance, and heat pump hire for both commercial and industrial purposes.

Water to Water Heat Pumps

At Commercial Heat Pumps, we supply innovative water to water heat pumps. Our water to water heat pumps operate using water as the heat source. This can be ground water, river or pond water or even waste heat from factory processes. Amplified by the heat pump, the now hot water is delivered to radiators, fan-coil units, air handling units or industrial process heating applications.

Air to Air Heat Pumps

At Commercial Heat Pumps, as part of the Coolmation group, we provide turnkey air to air heat pumps for use in commercial and industrial buildings. Our air to air heat pumps are suitable for fans, coils, air handling units, and industrial processes.

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