Comp Bio Products Ltd


Comp Bio are suppliers of 100% compostable products. Our range includes Carrier Bags, bags and bin liners made from 100% compostable Potato starch. Compostable tableware and fair trade organic cotton tote shoppers. Our products where possible are manufactured in the UK.

Comp Bio Products are looking for new wholesalers, retailers and home users for our  CompiSax. Here we aim to provide environmentaly friendly products - biodegradable, degradeable and/or compostable.

100% compostable, our bags  are manufactured from Bioplast bioplastic, meeting the EN:13432 certification and can be used in home composters and commercial composters.

100% compostable tableware and catering supplies: Products ranging from cutlery to takeaway containers, manufactured to be 100% compostable.

CE marked pint and half pint cups, manufactured from PLA and completely compostable. Suitable for use in bars and restaurants, no need for measured pumps, each cup is marked 1/2 pint or 1 pint.

Kitchen Waste Caddies: ideal for collecting food scraps for your home composter.

We are able to supply in bulk at reduced prices and have an online shopping cart.

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