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Compact and Bale provide bespoke waste management solutions to a wide variety of clients in different industry sectors such as hospitals, shopping centres, garden centres, retailers, and many more. Each year, we typically supply 100+ machines and collect over 20,000 tonne of material for recycling and recovery. With our experienced account managers, customer service team and mobile field service engineers, we are ideally placed to support you whatever your waste, recycling and equipment needs.

As UK agents for Strautmann, Packmat, Ludden & Mennekes, Gillard, KBM and BinPal, Compact & Bale supply the latest intelligent compaction equipment from Europe’s leading manufacturers, offering a full range of innovative, high quality waste compactors, balers, crushers, briquetting presses and dewatering machines.


Balers are used to compact single stream materials into uniform tied off bales that are easily handled, stored and transported. By presenting materials in maximum payloads you will minimise transport costs and maximise income from recycling.

We offer a full choice of vertical balers ideally suited to clients producing 50kg to 5,000kg of materials per week. Small balers make bales weighing between 50kg and 150kg, medium balers make bales weighing between 180kg and 350kg and mill size vertical balers make bales weighing between 380kg and 750kg.

For clients producing over 5,000kg of materials per week, mill size horizontal balers offer higher throughputs with less labour and so greater efficiency. Throughputs range from 500kg per hour to 50,000kg per hour. Tying systems can be either semi-automatic or fully-automatic. Loading options include hand, shovel, fork-lift, conveyor, chute and bin lifter.

Strautmann’s Automate to Save range includes two unique and patented balers.

AutoLoadBaler®  - the world’s only self-loading vertical baler - is a mill size, front loading vertical baler that can also be fed automatically from a rear mounted cart emptying system. This reduces labour and double handling and savings of up to 500 hours per annum have been achieved by retail stores.

BaleTainer® is a small footprint, fully automatic, horizontal baler for the compaction of paper, cardboard, polythene film and empty PET bottles. With its unique pre-shredding rotor, it easily handles large cardboard packaging such as octabins and cardboard pallets.



Compacting waste at ratios of up to 10:1 saves money on transport by maximising payloads. The compacted waste is fully enclosed inside a steel container which is not susceptible to wind scatter problems. We offer four types of compactor: static, portable, wet waste and screw.

Static compactors generally have a higher compaction performance, a greater range of loading options and handle a larger volume of waste. When full, the container is exchanged on-site which reduces costs and ensures availability for constant use.

Portable Compactors have a smaller footprint, can be relocated easily and have no special site requirements. As a sealed unit the machine cannot be accessed by vermin or birds and with a full rear door seal will be fully leak proof.

Wet Waste Compactors use a scoop action design to avoid waste build-up and associated damage commonly seen when high levels of wet and food waste are processed through standard design portable compactors. These machines are ideal for hospitals, shopping centres, food outlets and food manufacturers.

Screw Compactors are highly effective when processing continuously fed waste materials and are often used when a measure of product destruction is required or for difficult to compact waste types.


Briquetting Presses

Briquetters are used to compact materials like EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), PET bottles, Aluminium Cans and Tetrapak packaging into uniform briquettes that are easily handled, stored and transported. If un-compacted these materials are voluminous and very light resulting in high transportation costs. However, when presented in the correct briquetted format these materials are valuable commodities. The financial benefits from landfill diversion and rebates from recycling means a quick payback and ongoing returns on investment for our users.

We offer a full choice of briquetting presses from small EPS briquetters for smaller retail units right up to large, high speed, automated briquetting presses for major producers and recyclers who need high throughput and automation.

The KBM range of Styropactors consists of 5 units form the Nano to the Maxi and is ideal for small to medium producers of EPS waste, wet EPS waste from fish markets and other food sectors and businesses where portability and ability to work in harsh environments is required.

The Strautmann range of briquetting presses includes the StyroPress which offers high performance, low labour automated solutions for businesses who need to process large volumes quickly with minimal labour expenditure.

Briquetting Presses

Dewatering Machines

LiquiDrainer® – automatic, quick and profitable emptying of filled liquid containers.
Efficient and automatic emptying – time-consuming manual emptying is over!

The LiquiDrainer® empties filled PET bottles, TetraPak® and beverage cans. Even entire packages can be emptied. High-cost manual opening of the bottles is no longer necessary, the LiquiDrainer takes over this job automatically and quickly for you! The small space required and the low weight enable mobile use. Furthermore, the LiquiDrainer can be flexibly employed for various materials.

Dewatering Machines

Mobile Roll Compactor

No machine does what Packmat does; Compact all waste, move all bins.

Packmat’s range of mobile roll compactors are designed to compact a wide range of waste types collected in open hooklift containers at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). By reducing the volume of the waste being compacted by up to 80%, the number of containers filled is significantly reduced bringing unparalleled cost savings on transport together with many on site operational benefits.

Our current range offers a selection of models suited to all applications and sites. Machines are available both for use at single sites (with or without container handling) and for use at multiple sites mounted on a hooklift chassis that is operated from the rear of a standard hooklift lorry.

Mobile Roll Compactor


One of the biggest barriers to effective recycling is segregation at source. BinPal offers a simple, low cost yet highly effective system for you to separate materials for recycling whenever and wherever they are generated.

BinPal is the ideal solution to waste segregation and recycling. No more awkward, bulky, bins. No more high price plastic bins, crates and containers just simple, collapsible, low cost, sturdy bag holders. They can be used for all waste types that are suitable to be bagged. Implement a clear bag policy and see your recycling figures soar.

Brand new to the UK but 100,000s sold worldwide!

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