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Compass Career Opportunities produce events, publications, and provide training to help resource the social work and social care profession. We organise job fairs in Birmingham, Manchester and London.

Our fairs will give you recruitment chances at social work jobs. Our fairs are a successful, cost-effective way of bringing new opportunities to the sector.

Not only a chance to find social work jobs, they cover positive practice and career development exhibitions. COMPASS, our annually published magazine, also includes information and promotion of training opportunities.

Social Care Jobs

Since 2000, we have been helping to raise awareness of social care jobs. Our magazine, COMPASS, is utilised by employees in the sector for recruitment and retention. Through this, we can promote the profile of services and encourage good practice within organisations.

Our jobs fairs in Birmingham, Manchester and London can help you find social care jobs. If you are a newly qualified social worker, you can keep up to date on current developments in our seminars.

Our job fairs include exhibitions from local authorities and national and training organisations.



Social Work Exhibitions

At our job fairs you will find social work exhibitions from local authorities and national and training organisations. It will provide you with the opportunity to find out all you need to know on social work and social care positions available.

Our social work exhibitions are also attended by universities and in Birmingham over 600 pre-registered tickets have already been set for the day.

Social Work Events

Our social work events include days like our Halliwell event. Organised by our clinical team, Halliwell invite you to a day of professional development.

At this social work event, you can find out about our practice model incorporating the pillars of parenting. We will explore this psychological model of childcare and its practice.  

Social Work Conferences

At our job fairs we run a variety of social work conferences giving you the chance to learn of new developments in the sector. Our full social work conferences include NQSW seminars and conferences that cover career planning and career support.

We also explore good practice in children's services and good practice in adult care services. Our conferences can also be used to update your PRTL hours.  

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