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Complete Presentation loves to take your promotional needs and concepts and turning these into a reality. For over 30 years now, we have been helping our clients promote themselves and we feel we offer the whole package to further your organisation, business or charity. Please take a look through the website and see the diverse projects we get involved with and feel free to contact us where we will take your concepts through to completion.


Poster board’s are a great way of advertising your business, and we can provide a range of add-ons for these boards. This includes headers, lighting, direction signs, poster printing and Velcro, all of which will give you more freedom to advertise your products and services

Don’t be limited in how your approach potential customers, be creative and make your presentation stand out from the crowd.


We can create banners for any chosen occasion: corporate and advertising purposes, exhibition stands, product launches, event advertising, birthdays, weddings and other occasions. Complete Presentation in Oxfordshire guarantee that we can produce an amazing banner to represent your special occasion. If you are interested in custom, personalised or photographed banners, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today


If you are looking to showcase your business, then one of our exhibition stands will be perfect for your needs. Whatever your business and whatever you’re advertising, we will work with you to find the right design to compliment your product or service.

Display stands can be simple in their construction or incredibly detailed and complex. How much you want to put into the stand is completely up to you, and while we will produce the stand, your input is extremely valuable.

Teardrop Flags

Flags are an incredible way to advertise, as they can be put almost anywhere. Flags can be produced in many different styles and designs, and Complete Presentations have the ability to offer this service to an exceptional standard. Every single project we take on is met with the same amount of effort and enthusiasm as the next, so every result is always to a premium quality. We believe in doing the best for our customers, and with that being said, we will do all we can to make sure you are happy with the resulting materials in which we provide. When it comes to flag printing, this is no exception.


When it comes to Vehicle Graphics, Complete Presentations are the ones to call. We have a great deal of experience when it comes to the designing and installing of vehicle graphics, and have had the pleasure of helping numerous local businesses be seen whilst on the road.

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