Compur Monitors GmbH & Co. KG


Products: Portable, stationary gas detection systems for flammable and toxic gases

Business: Development, production and global distribution of gas detection systems. Development and production of gas detection systems in accordance with customer specifications. ISO 9001.2000 certified. Products by Compur Monitors are explosion-proof and checked for accuracy according to ATEX standard when needed.

Market: Compur Monitors gas detection systems are being distributed worldwide. Distribution of our products is being performed directly (BRD, A, USA, NL, B, F) or via our representatives. Export rate is around 50%. Gas detector, gas detection system, gas measurement system, gas measurement, explosimeter, infrared detector, infrared gas detector, electric sensor, indicator badge, Compur, Monitox, Dositox, Statox, Tracer, Calgaz, leak detector, hazardous substances, toxic gases, gas hazard, phosgene, carbonyl chloride, COCl2, hydrocyanic acid, HCN, chlorine, Cl2, chlorine dioxide, ClO2, carbon monoxide, CO, hydrogen sulphide, H2S, hydrazine, N2H4, arsine, ASH3, hydrogen phosphide, PH3, oxygen, oxygen deficiency, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, HCI, nitrogen dioxide, NO2, sulphur dioxide, SO2, hydrocarbon, inflammable gases, explosive gases, work safety, industrial safety, monitoring-obligative systems, ATEX, ElexV, GUV 17.4, T021, T023, personal protection, TRGS 900, intrinsic safety, self-monitoring, generator, measuring range, limit, alarm threshold, dangerous material, occupational limit value, TRGS 900, TRGS 500, danger, risk assessment, concentration, pollutant, poison, chemicals, plant, incident, regulation

Compur Monitors GmbH & Co. KG

Strength: Compur Monitors strength relies on its own sensor know-how. Sensors for toxic gases are being developed and manufactured in our own facilities. Hence, Compur Monitors is highly successful in the market segment of metrological demanding gases.

Customers: Compur Monitors is specifically present in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Our products are designed specifically for those markets.

Cooperation: Companies for plant constructions. Compur Monitors is the preferred supplier for one of the biggest manufacturer of LPG, PE and COCl2 systems in Europe. Compur Monitors’ average supplier rating from this customer is: 1 (best out of 6) for quality and design including switch cabinet construction, wiring 1 (best out of 6) and delivery reliability 2 (second best out of 6) for handling and communication with the purchasing department.

Our products: gas leak detectors (chemical principle), stationary and portable gas detectors, oxygen meters, gas measuring instruments, oxygen trace detectors, gas sensors, gas alarm systems, gas metering equipment

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