Computer Cleaners Ltd

Making Office Hygiene An Important Priority
You have to rely increasingly on highly technical equipment to keep your business running in the ultra competitive modern age.

We concentrate on ensuring - with a minimum of fuss and distruption - that it never lets you down just because of day-to-day dust and grime.

We clean word processors, computers, telephones, facsimile machines, disk drives, keyboards, printers - anything which needs careful handling.

Our regular cleaning services uses only the most modern anti-static cleansing agents and every member of our staff has a portable vacuum cleaner for removing dust gently but thoroughly from the most delicate machines.

The process will get rid of dust, human grease, grime, cigarette ash, food particles, stains, ink marks, gummed label residues and even many bacteria.

Finally, we treat the immediate floor area around your equipment with an anti-static spray to lessen the risk of static build-up and remove the need for more expensive anti-static precautions.
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