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Our reed switches are available in two forms, open and changeover, which are operated by a magnetic field. Being compact, light, quick and low cost make the reed switches valuable tools which can be used for automotive sensors, security sensors, robotic sensors, games and toys. They are protected from the environment by a glass tube to prevent contamination.

Sensors Tilt

Tilt sensors are produced using mercury metal, non-mercury metal and mercury glass. They are designed to last and have low contact resistance as they are hermetically sealed and filled with inert gas. The tilt sensors are often used in a thermostat as they are designed to sense movement above and below a horizontal axis. Other uses include security alarm systems, toys, games, float switches, level controls and water treatment equipment.    

Float Switches

Float switches can be used for bilge pumps, sumps, pump control systems, irrigation systems and below ground vaults. Float switches operate by opening or closing when a certain point is reached by monitoring liquid levels. They use non-mercury and mercury tilt switched as well as reed and magnet switches.  

Proximity Sensors

Every proximity sensor is protected by a plastic housing and uses a permanent magnet or reed switch to operate. They are often used for security doors, as a closed door completes a circuit and an open door breaks a circuit. We use various technologies to create proximity sensors depending on the requirement.

Alarm & Security Switches

Our cost effective alarm & security switches offer an extensive range of products that can be installed into door frames. Our alarm & security switches can be easily installed and are reliable, high quality and robust. The leads can be customised and both the magnets and switches can be purchased separately.  

Smart Sensors

  •   AC Voltage Power Sensors
  • ¿Flashing Warning Light
  • ¿DC Voltage Power Sensors
  • ¿Precision Acceleration Sensors
  • ¿Precision Angle Sensors
  • ¿Precision Shock Sensors
  • ¿Precision Motion Sensors
  • ¿Custom Products


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