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Concept Equipment staff have been involved in the design and manufacture of Fire Testing and Flammability Instruments since the mid eighties. Concept offers a range of reaction to fire test equipment, directly to the fire science industry. Details of our products can be found on our web site. We also offer instrumentation from other manufacturers and distribute them in Europe. These products include Oxygen index, Smoke Chamber, Cone Calorimeter and most ASTM and FAA Fire Testing Equipment. Concept is also able to provide spares and upgrade options for Stanton Redcroft, Polymer Labs, Rheometric Scientific and FIRE equipment.

Special Purpose design

Concept Equipment can also provide custom design and manufacture of bespoke equipment to customer specification. We can offer you engineering or product design capabilities, utilising 3D modelling to help visualise your ideas and concepts. Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to provide you with a satisfactory solution.

UL94 Flame Chamber

This draft free chamber, conforming to UL 94 requirements for the classification of plastic materials, is widely used throughout industry, especially in the electrical industry where it is used for the testing of electrical products. The test measures the burning rate of samples in either the vertical or horizontal position. Options are available to meet the following standards - IEC 60707, ISO 9772.3, 9773 and 10351; ASTM D635, D3801, D4804, D4986, D5025 and D5048: BS 2782 Methods 140A and B.

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Oxygen Index Module

The Oxygen Index Module measures the oxygen index (OI, LOI or COI) for a range of samples. This new model available from Concept Equipment utilises the very latest control technology and is extremely easy to use. For example, selection of oxygen concentration is by push-button control and the oxygen and nitrogen valves are adjusted automatically. This differs from most competitive products, where the valves need to be adjusted manually, which can be frequently time consuming and a tedious task. Also, on the front of the module there is a display panel showing instrument status, oxygen concentration directly in % O2, flow rate of gas flowing through the chimney in nl/min, chimney temperature in °C and lapsed time during the test in minutes/seconds. In other models of LOI, only oxygen concentration and chimney temperature are normally indicated digitally.

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Cone Heater ISO 5659-2

The usefulness of the smoke chamber may be extended in several ways. The important revised version according to ISO 5659 Part 2 can be supplied as part of the complete instrument or as a retro-fit to all existing Aminco, Newport, Stanton Redcroft, FIRE or Govmark smoke chambers.

This test method ISO 5659-2 1994 was developed by ISO technical committees ISO/TC 92 and ISO/TC 61. It has also been adopted by the International Marine Organisation (IMO) and is known as IMO FTPC Part 2.

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Ignition Chamber EN ISO 11925-2

This equipment is used to conduct the Eurolass test that measures the ignitability of a product when it is subjected to direct impingement of a small flame. It is relevant to the classification of a product into classes B, Bfl, C, Cfl, E and Efl for all building materials. Concept offers an integrated package that allows the test to be performed with ease. The apparatus also complies with DIN 4102; Part 1; Class B2, the small burner test known as the Kleinbrenner test.

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Bomb Calorimeter EN ISO 1716

In this test a test specimen of specified mass is burned under standardized conditions, at constant volume, in an atmosphere of oxygen, in a bomb calorimeter calibrated by combustion of certified benzoic acid. The calorific value determined under these conditions is calculated on the basis of the observed temperature rise, taking account of heat losses and the latent heat of vaporisation of water.

The Bomb calorimeter utilises real time thermal correction capabilities to provide an instrument for rapid testing with good repeatability and accuracy, all housed in a compact case (57x40x43 cm) with the latest touch-screen and networking technology.
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Fire Propagation BS476 Part 6

The test provides information on the influence that a simple material, a composite of materials or an assembly of materials, would make to the rate of fire growth within a compartment.  Although often termed a "heat release" test, the result represents a much more complicated product of several factors including ignition, heat release and thermal properties. Comparisons are made between the effluent gas temperature/time relationships within the chimney of the apparatus for a reference material and for the product under evaluation.  The reference material is also used as a calibration sheet to ensure correct setting and operation of the apparatus and consistency between tests.

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Smoke Chamber BS6401

The NBS Smoke Chamber is the most widely accepted apparatus for the measurement of smoke given off from burning materials. The instrument measures specific optical density under flaming and non-flaming conditions. It is also used for the extraction of toxic gas. The instrument currently available from Concept incorporates all the necessary features and software needed to complete tests, in as simple, ergonomic and  user friendly way as possible. Standard equipment complies with the mandatory requirements of both BS 6401 and ASTM E662 specifications.

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Cone Calorimeter ISO 5660

Rate of heat release is understood to be one of the most important parameters for determining the fire hazard that may be represented by a product. Govmark and Concept have considerable experience in this field with the use of the Cone Calorimeter. The Cone has proven acceptance around the world, as it's results can be used in several feilds, including fire models for furniture, cables, building materials etc.

The new design from Govmark incorporates state of the art technology to conform with all recent national and international standards. The modular design, integrated control and data acquisition system, makes this cone extremely user friendly and easy to operate.

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FAA Fire test Equipment

Horizontal Flammability - HC2 / FMV302
Measures the burning rate of materials used in automotive interiors and certain aircraft interiors.

Vertical Flammability - VC2 Widely cited through out the USA and internationally, to measure the ignition resistant properties of aircraft and transportation materials, tents and protective clothing.
FAA Multi-Purpose Small Scale Flammability – MP1
Small scale tester for measuring the ignition resistant properties of aircraft materials.
FAA Oil Burner Test Equipment 
Used for testing the flammability of seat cushions according to FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part II and the flame penetration resistance of cargo liners according to FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part III.
Rate of Heat Release (OSU)
Measures heat release properties of aircraft interior materials. In accordance with FAA and Aircraft Industry regulations, Govmark testers are FAA inspected and approved.

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