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Condale Plastics is one of the largest trade extrusion companies in the UK and has been established for 40 years, achieving an excellent reputation for being experts in the plastic extrusion field with our high quality, service and versatility. We have 32 extrusion lines within a 50,000 square feet manufacturing base, including a fully equipped modern tool room and a clean room area for medical extrusions.

Our extensive range of plastic extrusions are used in shop fitting, building, construction, office furniture, caravans, toys, packaging, medical and automotive industries just to name a few. They are available in both rigid and plastic profiles and can range from 2mm to 160mm in diameter as well as plastic profiles up to 300mm wide. We have a standard range along with the facilities to manufacture plastic extrusions to your specifications.

Plastic Tubing

We are able to produce both flexible and rigid plastic tubing in any size you require. We aim to manufacture and deliver your order within two weeks. Our plastic tubing can be produced in clear plastic or colours and can be cut to any length or coiled as you require. We can extrude in several materials and also provide tooling for most sizes.

Plastic Extrusion Profiles

We manufacture rigid and plastic plastic profiles in most colours, thicknesses and materials for a variety of industries. We can produce plastic extrusion profiles with 1mm to 5mm wall thickness can include anything from complex section to a simple U channel. We can also supply inexpensive tooling for flexible plastic profiles.

PVC Extrusions

Flexible PVC extrusions and rigid PVC extrusions are extremely versatile and are available in a variety of colours and grades including clear grades. PVC extrusions are relatively low cost and are available in food grade. Many can be used indoor and outdoor and can be made with or without skin. These can be made to your specification and have a whole variety of different uses including windows, trims, toys, skirting, hosing, gaskets, handrails, sleeves and medical tubing.

Polycarbonate Profiles

Polycarbonate profile has good high temperature performance and are very strong. The polycarbonate profile is available in a whole range of grades including flame retardant, clear, opaque and U.V. stabilised. They have a limited chemical resistance and are a higher cost compared to other profiles.

Plastic Profiles

Our plastic profiles are available as rigid, flexible and co-extruded. The co-extruded plastic profiles can combine two different colours or materials in a single profile and is often used instead of adding a seal or gasket to a rigid profile. Whatever your product or application our friendly team will be happy to discuss it with you.

Medical Applications

We can produce a range of medical tubes and profiles in various materials to very tight tolerances produced in a clean room area which are suitable for medical applications. Some of medical applications include needle shrouds, suction tubes, bulb tubes, IV tubes and catheter tubing.  

Lighting Diffusers

We manufacture bespoke plastic lighting diffusers for a wide range of different applications in a variety of different materials including specific fire retardant materials if required. We have years of experience and knowledge in creating lighting diffusers, lenses, plastic refractors and reflectors.

Retail Applications

Point of Sale, ticket strips, and card rack systems are just a few of the standard and bespoke plastic profiles we can manufacture for retail applications. Our retail applications can be manufactured in dual colours and large format which is perfect for EPOS and shelf barkers.


All tooling is designed, wire eroded and engineered in house in a continuous rolling programme. Once the pin, die and calibrators have been manufactured, product samples are run under the watchful eye of our tool room director or tooling manager. Any necessary modifications can thereby be quickly identified and made immediately. This ensures rapid development to an accurate, quality extrusion.

Quality Management

Condale's ISO 9001:2008 approved quality management system ensures verifiable and sequential quality and continuity checks. These follow through from enquiry to final production, with customer approval at key stages in the proceedings. During production, colour, tolerances, fit, finish and special features are all closely monitored. Any quality issues arising are quickly and professionally addressed.

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