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No wires • No batteries • Self powered • Maintenance free
The innovative MK Electric (Honeywell) Echo range enabled by EnOcean technology comprises wireless, battery-less and self-powered switches and controls. Utilising Peha (Honeywell) Easyclick switches and programmable multifunction receivers operating on 868.3 MHz, Echo enables flexible control systems for domestic or commercial environments.

Oxygen Sensor For Industrial Boiler Combustion Monitoring

The PRO2Sensor (IHT) is an in situ Zirconium Oxygen Sensor for continuous monitoring of industrial boiler flue stack gas emissions
Aiding compliance with the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC), measuring depleted Oxygen levels in the flue gas has long been recognised as one of the best measures of combustion efficiency, and is essential to controlling fuel costs in industrial boiler plant. Additional applications include process control in bakery ovens and heat treatment furnaces.

Portable Battery Operated Microphone and Headphone Amplifiers

Self contained lightweight portable audio units offering the highest technical performance and capable of operating on an internal PP3 battery or external DC mains adaptor. All units have extensive Radio Frequency Interference protection and are housed in screened rugged black cases with black anodised aluminium front and rear panels with internally nickel coated ABS side panels.

• Microphone or line level amplifier for balanced or unbalanced signals

• 48 volt microphone phantom powering unit

• Balanced or unbalanced microphone or line input to headphone output

• Stereo balanced or unbalanced line input to stereo headphone output

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