Connor Solutions Ltd



Connor Solutions Ltd was formed in 1999 with one goal: To become one of the UK’s foremost EMS providers. Over the years we have continued to go from strength to strength and have grown to become the second largest privately held EMS provider in the UK.

Put simply, the reasons for our success are: 

  • Our Services, 
  • Our Technology
  • Our People
  • Our Commitment to Quality

Our Services

  • Electronic SMT assembly
  • Electronic through hole assembly 
  • Complete product build 
  • NPI
  • Design for manufacturing, test and procurement
  • ICT
  • Functional test
  • Conformal coating
  • BGA assembly
  • Supply chain management
  • ROHS compliance
  • Upgrade & repair
  • Warranty & post warranty services

Our Technology

Recent investments have included three Fuji NXT lines, from one of the world leaders in electronics manufacturing equipment. We also have fully integrated in-line 3D paste height checks and Cyberoptic Optical Inspection equipment. 

Our People

This growth and success would not have been possible without our most valuable asset - our employees.

Our management team has over 100 years CEM experience across a range of global and UK businesses.  A full time training department constantly improves our manufacturing skills set with all employees trained to IPC610 Class 3 standards.

Our Quality Commitment

Total commitment to quality is a key element of our success. 

We are committed to achieving high standards of quality across our business consistent with customer and industry benchmark requirements.

ISO 9001:2000 accreditation is complimented by many other recognised electronic manufacturing standards and endorsements.

Business Unit Management

Our clients are all allocated to a business unit and its dedicated customer-focused team, which ensures that they have a single point of contact for all aspects of the relationship. The business unit structure also allows us to gain a full understanding of our clients' business and products in order to optimise delivery of EMS solutions that are both flexible and cost effective.

Each team comprises of a Business Unit Manager as well as a multidisciplinary team of indirect staff covering account management, scheduling, purchasing, production and test engineering. In addition a dedicated manufacturing team supports each business unit.

Responsibilities include:

•Relationship management and order fulfilment
We work together to identify your needs from the start of the manufacturing process right through to delivery, providing you with solutions every step of the way. Continual reviews enable us to work collaboratively to reduce cost and improve both quality and service, helping you to meet your specific business goals and objectives

Business Unit Management

New Product Introduction

We work alongside and in close co-operation with our customers in order to provide the resources and expertise needed to achieve optimum time-to-market for new products and product updates.

Rapid introduction is achieved not only through our manufacturing capability but also by our extensive knowledge of the materials market and strong supply chain relationships.

NPI volumes are built on dedicated prototype production lines to ensure sound manufacturing inputs at this key stage in the product development process.

Connor Solutions provide design for manufacture, design for test (DfT) and design for procurement (DfP) inputs in order to minimise issues at the volume stage.

Our role is to provide a rapid but seamless transition to volume whilst maintaining the integrity of all the processes involved.

New Product Introduction

Materials Management

Our aim is to effectively manage all of the resources that are involved in the manufacture of your product to ensure efficiency, cost effectiveness, high quality and value.

Through regular communication between numerous vendors in the supply chain, Connor Solutions can build relationships that are mutually beneficial, which in turn enhances supply chain performance.

Our experienced purchasing team ensures cost-effective purchasing on a global basis. Most notably, this includes sourcing PCB's and interconnect products from Asia and semiconductors and passives from Europe, where non-UK sourcing is required to meet specification and/or pricing needs.

Material planning, purchasing and control are provided via our ERP system to ensure that all required material is available when required by production.

Carousel storage enables low footprint, high security accommodation of materials, whilst the use of demand pull and KanBan techniques ensures that the continuity of supply is balanced by optimum stock levels, thus reducing exposures.

Materials Management

Surface Mount

Connor Solutions have invested in the latest Fuji NXT surface mount technology (SMT), which enables us to offer PCB assembly services that ensure first rate component accuracy. This guarantees the consistency yet flexibility needed for both prototype/low volume and medium/high volume production.

Each SMT machine is capable of placing 0201, BGA and uBGA technologies, achieving 150,000 placements per hour.

Connor Solutions’ SMT equipment includes:

SMT Line 1

•DEK 265
•GSI Lumonics SVS 8100
•Fuji NXT M3 modules x 4
•Fuji NXT M6 modules x 2
•BTU VIP 98 oven
•Cyberoptics KS100 AOI
SMT Line 2

•DEK Infinity
•GSI Lumonics SVS 8100
•Fuji NXT M3 modules x 4
•Fuji NXT M6 modules x 4
•Soltec Quantis oven
•Cyberoptics KS100 AOI
SMT Line 3

•DEK Infinity
•GSI Lumonics SVS 8100
•Fuji NXT M3 modules x 4
•Fuji NXT M6 modules x 2
•Vitronics Magnatherm 800
•Cyberoptics KS100 AOI

Surface Mount

Through Hole

Despite the advances in surface mount technology (SMT), the requirement for conventional through hole and mixed technology PCB assembly still remains. Therefore at Connor Solutions, impressive investment in SMT is complemented by both automated through-hole placement equipment as well as hand insertion processes, offering customers additional flexibility.

Connor Solutions’ SMT placement capabilities include:

•Universal sequencers, 1 x 80 station, 1 x 60 station
•Universal Multimode IC Inserters
•Universal Dual Head VCD Axial Inserter 6292A
•Universal Single Head VCD Axial Inserter 6287
•Universal RAD 5 2.5/5.0 Pitch Radial Inserter 6368
•Universal RAD 8 2.5/5.0 Pitch Radial Inserter 6380

Through Hole

Wave Solder/Assembly

Each of our business units have a fully integrated six or ten station progressive assembly line with direct feed to a dedicated wave solder machine.

Wave solder technology employed at Connor Solutions includes the use of three Nousstar wave solder machines (2 RoHS and 1 leaded). All machines have chip and delta wave functions and SPC management systems.

Wave Solder/Assembly


At Connor Solutions Ltd we have a range of test solutions, including in-process inspection through to customised fully functional testing to ensure the highest possible product quality.

Each of our business units operate Teradyne Z1800 series machines as their main ICT platform. These systems are capable of testing boards with up to 5000 nets, together with Framscan/Deltascan capability. Other ICT capabilities include Agilent (HP) 3070 and Wayne Kerr .

Roving Probe test capability is also provided using SEICA technology, whilst our range of functional tests use National Instruments' LabVIEW and PXI platforms.

An in-house test engineering team provides development for in-circuit (ICT) functional test, while carefully formed alliances with external organisations complement this to offer customers an comprehensive test strategy. Alternatively we will make use of your own test equipment.


Automated Inspection

Continuous investment in leading edge Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) enables advanced lighting, optics, and image processing capabilities, which greatly enhances inspection repeatability, accuracy and throughput.

Our most recent investment resulted in the acquisition of a Cyberoptics KS100 Automated Optical Inspection system.

For first pass BGA and uBGA inspection Connor use two Ersascope fibre optic camera vision based inspection and repair systems.

In addition, for more detailed analysis, there is a full X-Tek x-ray system on site.

Automated Inspection

Post Wave

We offer a range of post wave services, including:

•Conformal coating
•PCB wash
•Laser etching

Post Wave

Systems Assembly

Connor Solutions also offers a complete turnkey solution including full product assembly into completed functional chassis with country specific documentation, cabling, software duplication and customer specific packaging. Box build assembly is now an important part of our business, forming over 40% of our output.

Systems Assembly


Connor Solutions will pack and ship products to your chosen destination worldwide. We can also ship products direct to your end user including custom packaging, documentation, software and specialist configuration.

Logistical support at Connor Solutions also includes:

•Post warranty repair
•Upgrade services
Our ideal location provides easy access to local airports, rail and road networks and the North East TNT depot is visible from our factory. Full shipment tracking capability is available by in-house links with these carriers and next day delivery by road is available anywhere in the UK from this location.

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