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Simple and distinctive, our Edwardian conservatories offer maximum use of floor space with a choice of doors, windows and glazing. Although a distinctive style, an Edwardian conservatory can be sympathetic to most modern designs meaning that even if your house is ultra-modern you can take advantage.

To get the maximum light and air in your conservatory we can offer full height glass and doors, traditional fanlight and casement windows or modern tilt and turn windows.

Victorian Conservatories

Regardless of the age of your house, our Victorian conservatories can be sympathetic to it's design. Their extravagant style offering crests, finials and beautiful curved lines offers your home a little Victorian glamour. Versatility is the key with our Victorian conservatories, the only limit is your imagination so it can be as individual as you like. Not only can we offer a choice of glass and window styles in keeping with your house but we also offer the following choice of frames:

  • White
  • Golden Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Mahogany
Victorian Conservatories

Mediterranean Conservatories

Clean and contemporary sums up the style of a Mediterranean conservatory which is ideally suited to modern properties. Perfect for wrapping around the corner of a building, Mediterranean conservatories are wonderfully versatile and their simple design is popular with those who appreciate a minimalist look.

With an extensive range of finishes and the choice of glass or polycarbonate roofs we can create a simple, elegant conservatory to meet your specifications.

Mediterranean Conservatories

P Shape and L Shape Conservatories

If you are fortunate to have lots of space then a shaped, larger conservatory may be a consideration. Combining styles means that you can have the best of both worlds - a Victorian P Shape conservatory allows for the luxury of the Victorian conservatory with the clean lines of a lean-to. The space lends itself to multiple use - part greenhouse and part garden room.

If you want elegance but with a more simplified style then our Edwardian L shaped conservatory may be the best choice for you. Both this and the Victorian P Shaped conservatory can be wrapped around a corner to utilise whatever space that you have available.

P Shape and L Shape Conservatories

Solar Controlled Glass

Modern conservatories are no longer 'no go areas' in the depths of winter or on hot summer days. Solar Controlled Glass can help keep your conservatory cool in the summer by rejecting 60% of the sun's heat without compromising the light. In the winter energy is conserved so that your heating is more efficient. It also cleverly reduces 'cold spots' allowing you to sit and look up at the stars in comfort.

And if this wasn't enough Solar Controlled Glass has a long life coating which uses the sun's UV rays to break down organic particles on the glass. This is then washed away when it rains leaving your glass lovely and clean thereby reducing the time spent washing your conservatory!

Solar Controlled Glass

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