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  1. Custom Made Containers
    13 September 2017

    Custom made only at Containers Direct, these containers are new build, but the good news is we can offer them without the new build price tag. All our custom build containers are constructed in our own on-site workshops, and include the following features:

    • Made from brand new steel sheeting, corrugated on our machines for a stronger structure
    • Plywood flooring overlaid a steel chassis
    • Compressed door seals with locking arms and security lock box
    • Fitted lifting eyes for moving
    • Painting to your chosen colour with protective container paint
    • A range of optional extras available, including ply lining and insulation, fitted electrics and anti condensation treatment

    As an example, take a look at this 12ft x 6ft container, or get in touch with us to discuss your specific size requirements and we'll happily supply a quote. Containers Direct has more than a decade of experience in innovative container design and build, so check some of our other new build products, such as the CarTainer and 10ft wide containers

    Custom Made Containers
  2. Long and Slender - Custom made containers to fit every nook and cranny
    13 September 2017

    Introducing our Slimline series - slender containers at 5ft and 6ft wide. Perfect for fitting into small, narrow spaces, or for storage loads that require more length than width. With a choice of lengths, between 8ft and 20ft, there's no need to compromise on the overall cubic capacity. Hopefully you'll find the sound of our slender containers a lot more reassuring than the Slenderman. 

    Long and Slender - Custom made containers to fit every nook and cranny

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