ContiTech PTS


ContiTech Air Spring Systems manufactures components and complete systems and system components for self-adjusting air suspension in commercial vehicles, buses and rail vehicles as well as on stationary machines and foundation bearings. This business unit also manufactures rubber expansion joints and air actuators for plant and machine construction.

Coated Fabrics

ContiTech Elastomer Coatings is a developer and manufacturer of innovative coated fabrics, concertina walls, fuel cells and diaphragm materials. The business unit produces exclusively in Germany and is world market leader in the production of life raft material.

Compensators / Connecting Pipes

Whether in shipbuilding, building services engineering, the mineral oil industry or in machinery, plant and power station construction – elastomer products from ContiTech Air Spring Systems reduce tension, isolate noise and vibrations, absorb thermal expansion or building settlement movements and compensate for misalignments in installation.

Compounds / Elastic Sheeting

Phoenix Compounding Technology is the leading specialist in the development and manufacture of rubber compounds and slabs for different application areas. Our wide-ranging know-how and the ultra-modern technology employed for production controls guarantee the highest quality.

Conveyor Belts

Backed by outstanding conveyor belt technology and expertise, ContiTech can be found wherever raw materials are extracted, processed and distributed. Making materials available in an as environmentally sound manner as possible presents a technological challenge, time and time again, since raw material belts are scattered throughout the world. They are found in rough topographic areas, above and below ground.


ContiTech Elastomer Coatings offers a complete range of diaphragms for a broad application portfolio - ranging from the small diaphragms for fuel management to the huge gas holder diaphragms.

Drive Belts

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group develops and manufactures drive belts, matched components and complete belt-drive systems for vehicles, machines and systems. As a partner for original equipment manufacturers and the after market, it has manufacturing plants in Europe, the NAFTA region, South America and Asia.

Hoses / Hose Lines

As development and original equipment manufacturing partner to the automotive and other key industries, ContiTech Fluid Technology makes a wide range of media products extending from hoses and hose lines to complex line systems composed of elastomers, plastics, textile, steel and aluminium.

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