Control Valve Solutions Ltd


Control Valve Solutions Limited (CVS) offers tailor made solutions for all control valve and related products including isolation valves specifically for the oil and gas industry.

At CVS the team work with passion and pride, openness, honesty and total commitment to give clients the smart valve solution by providing:

  • Bespoke valves within standard delivery times
  • Guaranteed 24 hour mobilization
  • Groundbreaking state of the art technology
  • A unique complete valve management service

Valve Service

With strong relationship' with all leading manufacturing companies of control valves and associated products including isolation valves, CVS can source new valves for almost every application and also find replacements for many valves that may be considered obsolete.

CVS has supplied severe service and pressure independent control valves, angle valves, rotary valves and globe valves. These have been matched with all types of actuators and controls, providing the most appropriate valve solution for each application.

Valve Service

Valve Testing

A well maintained valve will be able to meet its performance specifications for many years. By contrast a poorly maintained valve may suffer from reduced performance, or suffer a catastrophic failure.

Performance monitoring and predictive diagnostics are critical elements in the management of process plant and systems today. CVS is an expert in the planning and performing of valve maintenance requirements.


CVS' valve maintenance offering is scalable, making it equally applicable no matter what size of plant, be it on or offshore.

Valve Testing

Valve Management

By using CVS Manager™ to monitor the performance of valves over periods of time, or by comparing service requirements against CVS' extensive knowledge database, the team can accurately predict when valve or component failures are likely to occur.

Making use of this knowledge allows CVS to create a planned maintenance schedule which will all but eliminate failures leading to costly unplanned shutdowns.

CVS' internal processes and procedures are all designed to meet the stringent offshore requirements, and CVS apply the same standards when working onshore which CVS believes sets it apart from its competitors.

Valve Management
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