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The company manufactures and packs abrasive products for the top two abrasive manufacturers in Europe. We also cut, pack, and convert products for the motor industry. Any product on a roll, or in sheet form, can be slit or cut into any shape.

Specialists in abrasive material converting Convertall can press cut all types of material from paper, rubber and fibre through to metal.

We have recently started converting floor polishing material into discs and pads for an international company based in the west Midlands. Product turnaround is 24 hours from order placement.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness offering short lead times on finished goods, usually five working days or less. Two of our customers are on 24 hour turnaround.




A wide range of services

We provide contract manufacturing services to a range of industries, and specialise in the following areas.

  • Contract Packing
  • Contract Converting
  • Paper Film and Rubber Converting
  • Abrasive and Abrasives Manufacturing / Converting
  • Design and manufacture of specialist manufacturing equipment
  • Contract Assembly
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Product rectification

Some further details about our services can be seen below:

A wide range of services

Contract Packing and Outsource Packing Services

We give fixed prices for contract packing and repacking, and any other packing operation. Convertall Ltd is very flexible in its approach, in that the service can be either at our premises in Tamworth packing operations, or at the customers own premises, ensuring a comprehensive and complete service.

We have an extensive range of case sealers and shrinkwrappers to ensure a proffessional finish for all contract packing services. In addition to this we produce or own labels on site, or we can of course use the customers labels as required.

For more details of our contract packing services please contact us or call us on 01827 54726



Contract Packing and Outsource Packing Services

Contract Converting Services

Convertall Ltd currently provide full Contract Converting Services. Our presses are capable of handling sheets and rolls 250mm wide to 1.6 mtrs wide.

  • Rolls up to 1 ton can be handled.
  • We can cut sheets with zero weed waste using open ended dies.
  • Discs can be cut with weed gaps of 1.5mm discs are 20mm up to 500mm diameter.
  • Materials can be paper, film, gasket, and abrasive materials. Foam, Psa, or velcro backed.
  • Gasket Cutting
  • Industrial floor polishing disc cutting
Contract Converting Services

Paper, film, and rubber Manufacturing / Converting

Cutting and assembling of rubber components, this involves final assembly of road safety products. Our in-house design team designed, built and supplied the assembly equipment to our converting department


Paper, film, and rubber Manufacturing / Converting

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