Cool It (UK) Ltd

Cool IT supply their London and South East customers with air conditioning and drinking water coolers. Retaining staff in London means that your team must be comfortable. Their environment can be improved by the cost effective supply of cool drinking water and the maintenance of temperatures.

Cool IT's approach is different to other London based companies. They offer:
  • A Free Site Survey
  • A Free Demonstration
  • A complete range of Air Conditioning Solutions
  • Plumbed Water Coolers
This high level of service, based on 35 years experience, is why you see Cool IT customers through the london area.

London Water Cooler customers also receive good service and  choice. By using water coolers that are plumbed in, you gain by:
  • No running out of water
  • No fluctuating bills
  • No unscheduled water deliveries
  • No bottle storage problems
  • No bottle change mishaps
Clients can save thousands by converting to plumbed in water coolers.

Cool It (UK) ltd for:
  • Air conditioning
  • Portable Air conditioning
  • Air Conditioning Rental
  • Chilled water coolers
  • Drinking water coolers
  • Rental Water Coolers
  • Cool It Advance water coolers
  • Office water coolers
  • School water coolers
  • Domestic water coolers
  • Workplace water coolers

To recap, we come to you and see the site and the problem, we propose a solution, we show and demonstrate to you portable air conditioning units and plumbed in water coolers, and then we install and save you money. Cool It are the solution to air-conditioning and water-cooling in Greater London.

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