Highly advanced Easy-Fit pre gassed PANASONIC, HITACHI & TOSHIBA powered air conditioner units, these are still our most popular range of air conditioner units. The range starts for less than £425 including VAT and we have units for heating & cooling rooms anywhere between 20 and 55 Sqm. All our systems are Inverter Driven so no matter what your air conditioning needs are, we have a solution.

LG Air Conditioning

LG are a world renowned and trusted company. The LG air conditioning units we supply range fropm the energy efficient Libero to the designer AirCool.

The LG air conditioning units are suitable for both domestic and office use. As well as the regular lines, we also stock and supply inverter air conditioning units from LG. These units will bring class and style to you home or office space.

Models include:

  • Inverter ceiling cassette systems
  • Art cool mirror
  • Art cool stylist
LG Air Conditioning

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Portable Air Conditioning

Easy-to-use Portable Units Involving Less Manual Work

Our portable air conditioning systems consist of a number of features that provide you with absolute comfort with a simple plug-and-play operation.

The adjustable fan speeds operate powerfully to cool down the room temperature quickly while the heat pump model enables the unit to deliver efficient cooling and heating functions.

The use of eco-friendly R410a refrigerant gas guarantees less power consumption. High efficiency air filters ensure you can breathe in fresh air and the timer feature ensures the automatic turning on/off of the system.

Portable Air Conditioning

Multi Split System

If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective multi split system, we have the range for you. Our multi split system, the multi inverter air conditioning system, is available in a number of specifications. They are available on a mix and match basis so you can choose exactly what you want but do not have to pay any extra.

Our range include:

  • LG Multi Split
  • Easy Fit Multi Split
  • Fujitsu Multi Split
Multi Split System

Heat Pumps

As leading distributors, suppliers and installers of air conditioning equipment and similar products, we have an exclusive range of air source heat pumps.

Our heat pumps are easy to install and models include:

  • Air to air heat pumps
  • Air to water heat pumps
  • Swimming pool heat pumps
  • Mobile heat pumps

Water Heaters

Within our water heaters range, you will find Activair air source heat pumps. This range of water heaters are incredibly efficient and they are increasingly in demand from home owners, especially those who experience less harsh winter periods.

They are particularly energy conscious models meaning they also save you money. Our air source heat pumps range from 3000W to 35000W models.


As leading industrial suppliers of air conditioning equipment, we supply many high quality, low cost dehumidifiers. For humidity and damp issues that can cause mould and mildew, dehumidifiers can provide the solution. We can offer you the choice from a great range.

Our dehumidifier models include:

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