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At Cooling Parts and Services Ltd, we specialise in cooling tower services in the UK. We are an independent parts and service provider who aim to find the best quality cooling tower services and parts for a diversity of industry sectors who not only use water colling towers, but also dry air coolers and evaporative condensers.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

As an experienced company we can assure you we have the cooling tower maintenance expertise to handle any requirement you may have.

We can offer a highly professional cooling tower maintenance service to cooling towers by most manufactures and cover:

  • Replacement
  • Maintenance upgrade
  • Lower noise level
  • Reduced plume
  • Water conservation
  • Higher performance

Cooling Tower Repair

Our cooling tower repair service will cover every aspect of the potential problems encountered with cooling towers. We are able to provide an efficient cooling tower repair service if your tower is constructed from the standard materials usually used such as fibre glass, steel, timber, concrete or plastic.

Cooling Tower Surveys

We can provide you with professionally handled cooling tower surveys should you need them. Our skilled workforce are happy to supply a cooling tower survey with advice and support should you have any queries.


At ) (cps™, we can supply both hot dipped galvanised coils and stainless steel coils built for evaporative condensers or closed circuit fluid coolers. We also are able to supply the specialist Thermo-Pak coil configuration for optimum efficiency provision.

All coils are subject to tight quality control and compliant to the European “Pressure Equipment Directive” (PED) 97/23/EC and provided with certification.


We have a range of fill products for all types of application. Our extent of fill products includes the heat transfer fills, film type fills and suspended, splash grid type fills for coagulation difficulties within the water systems. More details can be read on our website.

Package Water Cooling Towers

Series AT, LSTE and LPT represent our excellent package water cooling tower range all featuring different but equally practical advantages for high performance.

All package water cooling towers displayed on our website are available with their own catalogue available for downloading.

Timber Frame Mechanical Draught Towers

Timber frame mechanical draught towers are built specifically to suit an existing concrete basin or site layout. We offer timber frame mechanical draught towers for large industrial applications designed in accordance with CTI codes and OHSA demands and supplied to the Spig S.p.A quality assurance programme


We will provide a full consultancy service for all issues relating to water cooling towers from initial choice aspects to full installation. Our in-house expertise will provide you with the consultancy to ensure your cooling tower meets optimum performance with correct system and environmental requirements.

Air Cooled Condensers

The main aim for air cooled condensers used on power plants is direct cooling and recovery of steam. We undertake design, manufacture, construction and commissioning of air cooled condensers having the background expertise in the applications with an alliance with Spig S.p.A.

Thermal Upgrades

We can offer thermal calculations for thermal upgrades designed to enhance your cooling tower’s capability and plume control hybrid conversion. In addition to thermal upgrades, we also offer complete system design with a consultancy service for thermal-related issues amongst other aspects.

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