Coolled Ltd

COOLLED products are based on high intensity light sources created from arrays of Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) rather than conventional bulb technologies.

The COOLLED UV LED curing pen is a revolutionary new tool used to rapidly cure UV adhesives. The adhesive is applied, the components positioned and the cure is made in seconds from a burst of Uv light from the pen. Applications include lens and small piece glass and plastic bonding, tacking of test samples and wires. This product has a Class 1M safety standard and therefore no eye protection is required and a working life of 10 years with zero maintainance.

The COOLLED UV LED system is a desk top technology demonstrator to enable OEMS to evaluate the performance of LED arrays in the curing of inks and materials over larger area's such as conveyorised systems.

COOLLED is a technology developed by Custom Interconnect Ltd who manufacture the products. Custom arrays can also be developed for applications requiring differing wavelengths and array sizes.
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