Cooper Medc Ltd.


Cooper MEDC Limited

Designers and manufacturers of Alarm, Signal and Control Equipment since 1975, Cooper MEDC Limited have developed a range of products specifically designed for use in areas where harsh environmental conditions prevail and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres.

MEDC are renowned throughout the world for their exacting quality standards and reliability as a leading manufacturer of Explosion Proof Equipment.

MEDC has also recently developed a range of equipment for use in industrial, marine, commercial and leisure applications. This includes our range of loudspeakers for public address, music background and voice evacuation systems with loudspeakers compliant to BS5839, part 8 available.

Based at Pinxton, Nottingham in the UK, Cooper MEDC Limited currently employs around 180 people with an annual turnover of approximately £20M and is part of the Cooper Notification solution platform.

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