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Copestake Workshop Supplies Ltd stock and source Professional, essential workshop tooling and consumables covering most commercial and industrial applications from well known international brands reputed for their high quality profile.
Our product lines are categorised over 18 Sections to simplify the search and can be viewed and purchased 24/7 in our online eShop
Over 97% of products are stocked and on 95% of cases orders received before 3.00pm will be with you next day.
We can provide a complete service with tailor made solutions for your business regarding pricing and stock and the sourcing of special products.
We offer full customer service support enabling a fast trouble free transaction giving peace of mind. 


Assorted Boxes

Our Assorted boxes are a convienient way to make sure you always have to hand the most common selection of products that you would need on the job.

The range covers Fasteners, Nuts, Washers, Grub Screws, Self Tappers, Machine Screws, Automotive, Electrical,Split, Dowel & Roll Pins, Rivets, Fixings & Hardware, Sealing Washers & O-Rings, Circlips, Hose Clips, Grease Nipples & Engineering

Assorted Boxes

Mini Packs

Our Mini packs , like the assorted boxes offer a smaller selection of assorted items in a smaller quantity. Very cost effective for the one off jobs. To view our range click here.

Mini Packs

Threaded Fasteners

Our Threaded fasteners range covers;

High Tensile Bolts, Socket Capheads, Machine Screws, Nuts, Set Screws, Studding, Threaded Inserts, Washers + Seals in unified and metric sizes in a variety of materials. We are constantly adding new lines to this section. As not all sizes and required quantities are not shown, you can contact us for an up to date quote and availability.

Threaded Fasteners

Fixings & Hardware

Our Fixings & Hardware covers;

Drive Rivets,Locking Nuts,Number Plate Fixings,Panel + Moulding Clips,Pins + Clips, Pipe / Cable Clips, Push Rivets, Rivets + Riveters,Screw-Type Rivets,Self Tapping Screws,Sheet Metal Screws,Speed Fasteners,Steel Stock + Springs,Sundry Fixings. If you dont see what you are looking, doesn't mean we don't stock it. Contact us and we will quote you back.

Fixings & Hardware

Tubing & Air Line

The Tubing & Air Line section covers;

Air Line Fittings,Air Line Gauges,Air Regulators,Air Tools,Air Spray Guns,Hose Clips,Hose Clip + Tubing Tools,Hose + Tubing,Tube Couplings & Compressors.

Tubing & Air Line

Power Tools

The ever increasing range of Power Tools offers everyday tooling at affordable prices. Here you will find;

Cordless Drills, Corded Drills, Grinders & Polishers, Bench Grinders & Pressure Washers

Grease & Chemicals

Make the job in hand easier by ensuring you have plenty of stocks of Grease & Chemicals. In this section we cover;

Additives, Cleaning, Grease, Grease Guns & Nipples, Lubricants, Paints, Valeting & Service & Petrol Cans.

Sealants & Adhesives

The ever increasing sealants & Adhesives section offers;

Adhesives, Adhesive Tapes, Epoxies, Pipe + Exhaust Sealants, Silicone Sealants & Threadlockers

Hygiene & Safety

Hygiene & Safety plays a vital role in every business. Make sure your always prepared. Our range includes;

Face Protection, First Aid, Gloves, Hand Care, Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Hi - Vis Clothing, Janitorial, Liquid Handling, Respiratory Protection & Spillage.

Electrical Assembley

Electrical Section Covers;

Cable Accessories, Cable Ties, Domestic Mains, Fuses, Insulating Tapes, Terminals & Wiring Tools.

Cutting & Drilling

Our Cutting & Drilling section Covers the following Categories;

Cutters + Snips, Drills Sets, Drill Pieces, Spot Weld Drill Bits, Step / Cone Drills, Countersinks, Hacksaws + Blades, Holesaws, Jigsaw Blades, Knives + Blades, Scrapers + Scissors & Taps + Dies.

General Hand Tools

With tooling being so critical to the job, we pride ourselves with our range of General Hand Tools. Here you will discover the ever expanding range covers;

Hex Keys, Impact Sockets, Measuring Tools, Pliers, Circlip Pliers, Precision Tools, Ratchets + Accessories, Ratchet + Socket Sets, Screwdriver Bits, Screwdrivers, Sockets, Spanners + Wrenches & Striking Tools.

Specialist Auto Tools

Simplify the job by using the correct tooling. Our Specialist Auto Tools Section offers a wide range chosen for there quality. We have a vast supply network so if you are looking for something specific please contact us. The range covers;

Brakes, Hones + Pullers, Inspection Tools, Removal Tools, Testers & Electrical, Torque Tools, Wheels & Windscreen.

Storage & Security

Ensure you your tools are stored safe and sound and that your premises are secure with the help from our Storage & Security Section. Here you will find;

Padlocks + Security, Storage Bins, Tool Storage & Tool Bags.

Lifting & Handling

New to Copestake Workshop Supplies ltd is our Lifting & Handling section. This range is to grow more this year so keep checking back. At present this range offers;

Lever Hoist & Chain Blocks & Sack Trucks & Platforms.

Light & Power

The Light & Power offer a wide range of products. the areas covered are;

Auto Bulbs, Batteries, Hand Lamps, Jump Leads + Chargers, Lanterns, Light Bulbs, Multi-Sockets + Inverters, Torches & Workshop Lighting

Welding & Abrasives

With our  Welding & Abrasives range soon to expand again this year, we already offer a vast range which covers;

Welding Protection, Abrasive Discs, Coated Abrasives, Files + Rotary Burrs, Soldering, Welding Accessories, Welding, Welders, Wire Brushes & Wire Wheels.

Tyre Shop & Automotive

The Tyre Shop & Automotion covers the following areas;

Brakes, Commercial, Engine, Exhaust + Windscreen, MOT, Wheels + Tyres, Gasket Paper & Fuel Filters

Helping Your Business To Develop

To help keep your business up to date in an ever changing world, we have a dedicated section focusing on sourcing and promoting new products andtechnologiesto the workshop market from brands already established here in the UK, and in other overseas markets. These new products and technologies can sometimes change the way a job is carried out by reducing the time and costs to your business without compromising quality. To view our New Product releases click here.

Saving you money

The quarterly special offer release enables us to promote new and existing top selling lines giving you the chance to stock up some great bargains at unbelievable prices. To view our current offers click here.

Ensuring a Quality Service from start to finish

From the moment your shopping experience begins, our customer service team are available to respond to any enquiries, comments or questions you have. Once the order has been completed, you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact, who will process and monitor your order.

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