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Headquartered in Rugby, UK, and founded in 1994, Corrosion Management has an international portfolio of industry-leading clients in Western and Central Europe, North America and Pacific East Asia. Corrosion Management utilises modern communications systems to link internationally renowned experts on three continents to deliver global materials selection, failure investigation, data evaluation and Corrosion Management solutions to its clients. The company has an extensive network of specialist collaborators who are drawn in on an as needed basis to deliver fast response solutions.

Corrosion Management

Providing independent expert support to clients wishing to understand and develop effective modern Corrosion Management strategies.

  • Corrosion and metallurgical services, failure investigation and materials selection

  • Scope and requirements appraisal, specification, bid preparation, contractor bid appraisal, quality plan compliance and functionality verification.

  • In-house and external training courses on plant health assessment, corrosion fundamentals, corrosion monitoring, data evaluation and integrated process and plant equipment management.

  • Tailored single-client and multi-client research projects on advanced development applications.

Primary Focus

The primary focus of Corrosion Management expertise is the exploitation of advanced corrosion data acquisition and evaluation to lever a change in the way corrodible assets are operated and managed. The impact of corrosion on the operating and maintenance costs of industries such as power generation, oil and gas production, water distribution, transportation and infrastructure management is known to be high. Recent research in North America revealed corrosion is responsible for more than 55% of unscheduled downtime in the major process industries, equivalent, for example, to 10% on the cost of the electricity bill for every consumer.

Primary Focus

Corrosion Studies

Similar studies in the oil production, refining and petrochemical processing industries showed that the cost of corrosion is equivalent to approximately 5% of the net asset value of major international operators. Corrosion has been recognised to be the number one life limiting asset degradation mechanism, and major research investigations have been launched recently in North America and in Europe to identify, isolate and control corrosion related damage.

Corrosion Studies

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is an electrochemical phenomenon that characterises the dissolution of metallic construction materials by aggressive service environments. However, the onset of corrosion marks the transition between equipment that is not at risk of degradation, to a condition where damage will definitely occur and which eventually will cause the asset to be taken out of service for repair and/or refurbishment. This means that corrosion itself can be used as the marker to alert operations and maintenance personnel that the risk of damage has increased, prompting remedial measures and providing a means by which the effectiveness of such measures can be evident immediately.

What is Corrosion?

Modern Corrosion Management

Although corrosion control traditionally was an off-line activity, the introduction of digital instrumentation and web-based data collection systems have provided the functionality required to detect and evaluate the spontaneous self-generated transients associated with the onset or propagation of corrosion. Where appropriate, modern corrosion management and remote surveillance technologies permit maintenance activities to be more closely focussed and optimised, thereby increasing productivity, enhancing safety, and reducing operating costs.

Modern Corrosion Management

Current Projects

Corrosion Management provides innovative technology-based solutions, normally utilising advanced expertise in combination with the very latest developments in the field of corrosion control technology. The company is providing high-level corrosion expertise to on-going projects in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

  • Germany

  • Spain

  • Austria

  • Netherlands

  • India

  • Malaysia

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Japan

  • Australia

Current Projects

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