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For high performance linings based on advanced polymer based technology please contact us at Counter Corrosion Ltd. We design, manufacture and apply protective coatings and linings for a variety of industries including:

  • Chemical
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical
  • Food/drink
  • Manufacturing
  • Water and waste treatment
  • Mining

Protective Coatings

Providing protective coatings that require minimal maintenance is our business. For over 30 years we have been gaining experience in the protection of steel and concrete structures meaning that we are now the market leaders in the design, manufacture and application of linings, coatings, floor toppings and containment based on advanced polymer technology. Designed to withstand the elements in aggressive environments, our coatings offer protection for many years.

You can find examples of the steel and concrete items we’ve applied protective coatings too by visiting our website. We offer tailor-made solutions as well as standard systems.

Protective Linings

Protecting steel and concrete structures can be costly and dangerous, especially if they are exposed to the environment. Ideal for primary and secondary containment, and the storage of chemicals and fuel our high performance linings are based on advanced polymer technology including

  • Epoxies
  • Vinylesters
  • Polyesters
  • Furanes
  • Urethanes

As well as our standard protective lining systems we offer a bespoke service to suit your application.

Protective Floor Coatings

At Counter Corrosion we manufacture and apply protective floor coatings for various industries. They can be used to protect from chemical spills and acids, we can even provide floor coatings for food preparation areas. Some of the specific industry areas who benefit from Counter Corrosion’s protective floor coatings include:

  • Detergent plants
  • Sludge treatment plants
  • Chemical filling areas
  • Storage warehouses
  • Pesticide manufacturing plant
  • Bulk chemical production and chemical filling areas

Concrete Protection

Counter Corrosion’s range of concrete protection coatings and linings can be used to seal primary and secondary structures. Our systems can be used on leaky and defective structures as well as those that are brand new. Complying with IPPC, H&S and environmental legislation, please contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements if we do not have what you require in our standard range.

Concrete protection coatings can be adapted to suit your requirements, some of the concrete structures we have protected include effluent pits, brine tanks and detergent/chemical containment tanks.

Industrial Protective Coatings

Our high performance industrial protective coatings and linings are based on advanced polymer technology including epoxies, polyesters and urethanes. Specifically designed for use in aggressive environments and requiring minimal maintenance, they are ideal for protecting steel and concrete.

Some of the areas our industrial protective coatings are used in are:

  • Steel storage tanks, vessels and filters
  • Marine steelwork and seawater cooling systems
  • Steel road and rail tankers
  • Ducting pipes, pumps and valves
  • Concrete tanks, primary and secondary containment
  • Concrete pump bases and filling decks
  • Pipes, manholes, effluent pits
  • Decon and clean room coatings
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