Countrywide Industrial Coatings

  1. Blast Cleaning

    Blast Cleaning

    Blast cleaning has considerably advanced since we first started providing it as a service in 1980. We now utilise the latest advancementsin technology, as well as environmentally friendly equipment to provide industrial and commercial customers from across the UK with thecomplete blast cleaning service.
  2. Commercial Painting

    Commercial Painting

    Commercially we provide an extensive range of services that includes painting and decorating to whole building refurbishments. Our Industrial services offer specialised coating services for everything from structural steelwork to oil tanks!
  3. Floor and Roof Coatings

    Floor and Roof Coatings

    Able to carry out a wide variety of industrial floor and roof coating services with ease, we combine over 30 yearsexperience with unbeatable prices and a highly versatile team of painters and coating specialists.
  4. Hotel Painting and Decorating

    Hotel Painting and Decorating

    We offer a comprehensive range of painting and decorating solutions for hotels and other hospitality based environments across the UK.Our refurbishment experts have over 20 years' experience in hotel renovation, and are fully qualified in surface preparation and inensuring that works happen with the minimum of disruption to your business. All interior painting and decorating works can be plannedat your convenience and conducted at times most suitable for your business.
  5. Industrial Maintenance

    Industrial Maintenance

    Offering either full maintenance services or individual trained personnel for specific requirements, we provide the complete maintenance and repairs service.
  6. Industrial Painting

    Industrial Painting

    As one of the UK's leading industrial painting and coating specialists, we can supply a full independent specification, along with on-site inspectors and photographic end of works reports for clients. 

  7. Office Refurbishment and Painting

    Office Refurbishment and Painting

    Alongside our wide range of industrial painting, coating and maintenance services, we also specialise in comprehensive office refurbishment and painting projects.Having worked in the painting industry for many years, we have access to the finest products and equipment and can tailor our office refurbishment service to suit any needs or requirements our clients have. We can paint offices in a wide range of colours and finishes and as appearance is everything in business,we guarantee that your property looks professional and aesthetically beautiful and is finished to the highest possible standard.
  8. Planned Maintenance

    Planned Maintenance

    As a company that goes the extra mile for its clients and appreciates that working environments must remain safe, fully functional andoperational at all times, we provide exceptional planned maintenance programmes that are tailored to the needs of our clients.
  9. Steelwork and Structure Painting

    Steelwork and Structure Painting

    Our team of expert industrial painters have been working in the industrial maintenance industry for over 25 years,ensuring a high quality, reliable and attractive finish.Our experience and knowledge of the industry enables us to undertake a wide variety of industrial steelwork maintenanceand painting projects, ranging from structural steelwork and cladding to gutter re-lining, oil tanks and factory structures.
  10. Tank and Pipeline Painting

    Tank and Pipeline Painting

    Professional tank refurbishment and pipeline painting is one of our main specialities.Offering over 40 years experience, unbeatable prices and exceptional finishes, we provide industrial customers from across the UK with thecomplete tank and pipeline painting service.