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 County Alarms install of Intruder Alarms and Burglar Alarms, in the London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Isle of Wight areas. We also insall CCTV,  Fire Alarms Access Control and Integrated Security Systems. We install Burglar Alarms Berkshire.

Fire Alarms Berkshire

County Alarms offer domestic and dommercial alarms. The alarms are installed to protect lives and property. An audible warning is raised throughout the building in the event of fire. This device can additionally be monitored to call the Fire Brigade if required. For more information on Fire Alarms Berkshire , please see our website for more information.

CCTV Berkshire

County Alarms offer all CCTV applications from simple systems for your home to sophisticated pan tilt and zoom CCTV camera. This CCTV system will alert the remote monitoring station in the event of an incident. The CCTV images may be used by the Authorities as evidence and viewed remotely.
For more information on CCTV Berkshire, please see our website for more information.

Access Control Berkshire

We offer a range of Access Control systems form a simple Door Intercom System to a complete computer controlled access system for commercial premises. We also offer automation of gates and integration with your Burglar Alarm and CCTV system.


County Alarms offer Cost Effective Technologies for Access Control Berkshire such as:  Magnetic stripe swipe cards, Keypad code entry, Proximity fobs or cards, Smartcard Readers, Biometric Readers and Hands Free Readers.

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Security Systems Berkshire

County Alarms offer many security systems such as Automated Gates and Collapsible and Fixed Grilles both manufactured to your requirements in black or white finish.
We also offer Roller Shutters and Perimeter Protection.

For more information on Security Systems Berkshire London, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Sussex, Wiltshire, Dorset and Isle of Wight


Alarm Systems Berkshire

County Alarms install Alarm systems including : Intruder Alarms and Fire Alarms. We offer wireless alarms, wired alarm systems, smoke heat and CO Detectors, beacons and sounders. For all your alarm system requirements, please see our website for more details on our products and services.

We cover the following areas : London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Isle of Wight and Alarm Systems Berkshire

Burglar Alarms Surrey

We offer burglar alarm installation in the following surrey areas: RH1 RH2 RH3 RH4 RH5 RH6 RH7 RH8 RH9 RH10 RH11 RH12 RH13 RH14 RH15 RH16 RH17 RH18 RH19 RH20 GU1 GU2 GU3 GU4 GU5 GU6 GU7 GU8 GU9 GU10 GU11 GU12 GU14 GU15 GU16 GU17 GU18 GU19 GU20 GU21 GU22 GU23 GU24 GU25 GU26 GU27 GU28 GU29 GU30 GU31 GU32 GU33 GU34 GU35 GU46 GU47 GU51 and GU52.

For more information on Burglar Alarms Surrey, please visit our website.

Alarms East and West Sussex

County Alarms offer alarm system installation in the folloing postcode ares : BN1 BN2 BN3 BN5 BN6 BN7 BN8_ BN9 BN10 BN11 BN12 BN13 BN14 BN15 BN16 BN17 BN18 BN20 BN21 BN22 BN23 BN24 BN25 BN26 BN27 BN41 BN42 BN43 BN44 BN45 BN50 BN51 BN52 BN88 and BN99.

For more information on Alarms East and West Sussex, please visit our website.

Alarms Berkshire Buckinghamshire

We cover the following areas in Berkshire Buckinghamshire: SL0 SL1 SL2 SL3 SL4 SL5 SL5 SL7 SL8 SL9 RG1 RG2 RG4 RG5 RG6 RG7 RG8 RG9 RG10 RG12 RG14 RG17 RG18 RG19 RG20 RG21 RG22 RG23 RG24 RG25 RG26 RG27 RG28 RG29 RG30 RG31 RG40 RG41 RG42 and RG45.

For more information on the areas we cover and Alarms Berkshire Buckinghamshire, please see our website.

Burglar Alarms Hampshire

County Alarms cover the following areas for Alarm installation : PO1 PO2 PO3 PO4 PO5 PO6 PO7 PO8 PO9 PO10 PO11 PO12 PO13 PO14 PO15 PO16 PO17 PO18 PO19 PO20 PO21 PO22 PO30 PO31 PO32 PO33 PO34 PO35 PO36 PO37 PO38 PO39 PO40 PO41 SO14 SO15 SO16 SO17 SO18 SO19 SO20 SO21 SO22 SO23 SO24 SO30 SO31 SO32 SO40 SO41 SO42 SO43 SO45 SO50 SO51 SO52 and SO53.

Visit our website now for more information on Burglar Alarms Hampshire and the other areas we cover.

Burglar Alarm Wiltshire

County Alarms cover the following areas in Wiltshire:  SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4 SP5 SP6 SP7 SP8 SP9 SP10 SP11.

Contact us now to find out more information on Burglar Alarm Wiltshire.

Burglar Alarms Dorset

We cover the following Dorset postcodes: BH1 BH2 BH3 BH4 BH5 BH6 BH7 BH8 BH9 BH10 BH11 BH12 BH13 BH14 BH15 BH16 BH17 BH18 BH19 BH20 BH21 BH22 BH23 BH24 BH25 and BH31.

For more information on Burglar Alarms Dorset, please visit our website.

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