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WELCOME TO COURTNEY ASSOCIATES – A Specialist Provider of Leadership and Management Development Training for Employers and Individual Learners.

Our philosophy is to help Employers and Individual Learners realise and unlock their full potential.  Our aim is to ‘make people better at what they do’ and through the delivery of a diverse range of high quality, tailored training programmes, we work with Individual Learners to give them the necessary skills to help them progress in the workplace and we work with Employers to help them unlock the full potential of their people.



If you are an employer we can offer you a bespoke solution in all areas of Supervision, Leadership and Management, whether it is for one individual who requires some ‘one to one’ Coaching in a specific problem area or a full Management Development Programme for your entire team of managers, supervisors and team leaders. 

We work across all industry sectors and have almost 30 years experience providing high quality, interactive and bespoke professional development programmes that are designed to dramatically improve workplace performance and drive both productivity and bottom line profitability.  Our aim is for our clients to receive maximum return on their investment which is why our courses are very competitively priced and we do not charge any extra for designing a fully bespoke programme.


We have spent the last 30 years designing and delivering Professional Development interventions for companies in sectors as diverse as Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Engineering through to Professional Legal and Financial Services.  This has given us a very detailed insight into what employers are looking for on a practical level and the specific skillset they expect when recruiting people into their organisations.  Every course we deliver is designed with these essential skills, qualities and attributes in mind.

We offer a wide range of  Public/Open Courses that include different subjects in the field of Leadership, Management and Supervision which are carefully designed and crafted to address the specific learning needs of the individual learner in a fun, participative and engaging way.  We run our courses from 4 key city centre locations throughout the UK, including: Leeds, London, Manchester and Liverpool.  

Our courses are tailor made to enable you to get the most out of your training investment and they provide you with the necessary “Toolkit of Skills” to help you achieve both your personal and professional goals.  Every one of our courses are specifically designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of the particular topic or subject you have chosen and to develop your skills and abilities in this particular area.


We offer the following Public Courses in 4 key city centre locations: London, Leeds, Liverpool & Manchester (check out our website for more information regarding dates).  However, all of our Public Courses can be run as "In-Company" courses for  5 people or more which will generate great savings and can be delivered at a location of your choice, throughout the UK at a time that is convenient for you and your team.  We can also tailor them to your specific needs at no extra cost. If you don’t see the course you are looking for on our list, just call us and we will design one for you free of charge.

  • Assertiveness At Work Masterclass - 1 Day
  • A Masterclass in Effective Communication - 1 Day
  • Advanced Communication Skills For Managers - 2 Days
  • Chairing Effective Meetings - 1 Day
  • Delivering Powerful Presentations - 2 Days
  • Delivering Presentation With Confidence - 1 Day
  • Delivering Winning Sales Pitches - 2 Days
  • Essential Skills For Supervisors and Team Leaders -2 Days
  • Influencing, Persuading & Negotiation Skills -2 Days
  • Introduction To Management -2 Days
  • Leading High Performing Teams -2 Days
  • Managing Change -1 Day
  • Managing People Performance & Staff Appraisals -2 Days
  • The Secrets of Effective Time Management -1 Day
  • Train The Trainer - 2 Days

Assertiveness At Work Masterclass

1 Day Course: 

In our Assertiveness Masterclass; you will learn how to become confident and assertive in work and how to get your views and opinions across without being challenging or aggressive. You will be able to take charge of your business and personal life without appearing confrontational, and make friends along the way!  Please click the course title link for further information.on this course.

A Masterclass In Effective Communication

1 Day Course

Our Masterclass in Effective Communication Skills helps the attendee to develop masterful skills at communicating and listening effectively. You will become a more effective speaker and will be able to put your ideas across without be;drowned out by those standing around you. You will also gain an assertiveness that is required for effective communication. Please click the course title link for further information.on this course.

Advanced Communication Skills For Managers

2 Day Course

Our Advanced Communication Skills for Managers is aimed at all levels of management who have to communicate with their teams; with each other; or to senior management. At the end of this course; managers will know the importance of communication in enabling you to engage successfully with your teams and adapting your communication style to successfully influence; motivate; inspire and manage others. Please click the title link for further information on this course..

Delivering Powerful Presentations

2 Day Course

Our Delivering Powerful Presentations course is designed to help those who have to do presentations as part of their normal daily routine; for example salespeople; to those that need to get over stage fright and those that may occasionally give a presentation. At the end of the course; attendees will be able to present with full confidence to any group. Please click the title link to for further information about this course.

Delivering Presentations With Confidence

1 Day Course

Our Delivering Presentations with Confidence course is designed to make the attendee feel and look confident when giving presentations; speeches; interviews; meetings and social gatherings. The days of stage fright will be gone forever at the end of this course and you will be able to present and be confident in any setting. Please click on the course title link for further information on this course.

Delivering Winning Sales Pitches

2 Day Course

Our Winning Sales Pitches course provides the tools and methodologies to present sales pitches in a variety of different situations to a number of different clients. At the end of the program you will be able to understand the factors that need to be considered when presenting a sales pitch; and will have acquired the skills knowledge; tools and techniques to pitch effectively. Please click on the course title link for further information on this course.

Essential Skills For Supervisors and Team Leaders

2 Day Course

Our Essential Skills for Supervisors and Team Leaders course helps those in leadership and management positions who have been thrown into the deep end; expected to learn as you go. The course teaches the fundamentals of leadership and management in a way that is easily understood and provides the tolls you need to do your job effectively. Please click on the course title link for further information on this course.

Influencing, Persuading and Negotiation Skills

2 Day Course

Our Influencing; Persuading and Negotiation Skills course is aimed at helping the attendee gain persuading and negotiating skills over a range of different situations in the workplace and out. At the end of this course the attendee will be able to identify times when we influence; persuade and negotiate in and outside work, both formally and informally. Please click the course link for further information on this course.

Leading High Performing Teams

2 Day Course

Our Leading High Performing Teams; course is for those people who are in leadership positions within an organisation. The course teaches the attendee the pitfalls of leadership; communication in leadership; responsibility and delegation thereof; reporting; monitoring and encouragement; discipline and cohesion within a team. Please click the title link for further information on this course.

Managing Change

1 Day Course

Our Managing Change course is designed for those people who need to plan for and execute change effectively. There are various elements to the course; including teamwork; motivation; strategy; measurement; improvement and organisation. These subjects are dealt with in detail in this one day course of change appreciation.  Please click the course title link for further information on this course.

The Secrets of Effective Time Management

1 Day Course

Our Time Management Skills course helps those who have difficulty in time management; and also those at the middle and high end of the management structure that need to manage their time very effectively. During the course; you will learn to allocate your time to the items that will give you the most return on investment; while leaving lesser items to down times.  Please click on the course title link for further information about this course.

Train The Trainer

2 Day Course

Our Train the Trainer course is for those people; that are responsible for delivering training to others "in-house".  This 2 day programme will give you a vast range of skills, knowledge, techniques and approaches which will ensure you deliver training to your learners in a professional, inspiring and innovative manner. You will be given the skills to be able to design and deliver training programmes which can be tailored to meet the needs of your learners. Please click the course title link for further information on this course.


We have received some excellent feedback from our clients and from indivdual learners who have attended our courses.  See below a selection of the comments we have received to date.
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"This session delivered by Tom has to be one of the most enjoyable and productive training sessions I have personally ever attended. Tom managed to grab the attention of everyone in the group from the first minute to the very last. It was perfectly pitched for our team, from admin to senior managers and thoroughly enjoyed by all. I feel that not only has the team gained an awful lot of knowledge and practical tips around presenting but it has enhanced our working relationship with some great team bonding.  I would sincerely endorse Tom’s training for any organisation, no matter how big or small, and whether they are looking to train the most junior novice and nervous presenter right through to squeezing that extra bit out of even the most time-served public speaker."
Lee Howarth, Commercial Manager, Media City

COURSE:  Appraisal Skills & Objective Setting (1 Day)
"Tom Courtney delivered Appraisal Skills training last year to the whole of my team, including the managers. This was a challenging course that included a number of “difficult” personalities but Tom delivered the sessions with a high degree of professionalism and enthusiasm and he managed to communicate the key messages in a fun, participative and engaging way. The feedback from the delegates has been excellent and they were highly motivated at the end of the sessions to put their new skills into practice. Tom took the time to meet with us beforehand to gain a full understanding of the team and culture in order to ensure the training addressed all of our specific needs, and this came across in the proposal he submitted and in the delivery of the training. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Tom and are currently in discussions with him about arranging a Leadership Programme for all of our senior management team. I therefore would have no hesitation in recommending him as an experienced, personable and effective Management Skills trainer."
Jackie Whalley, Commercial Manager, Media City

COURSE:  The Secrets of Effective Time Management (1 Day)
"I booked one of our employees onto the Secrets of Effective Time [Norgren logo] Management 1 Day Course and had excellent feedback from them regarding the content. The important thing for us to find in a time management course was for this person to leave with real actions as to what they would do differently following the course and Tom helped them to come up with strategies that were applicable to his role. Not only that but Tom has followed the training up with a coaching conversation a number of weeks after the course, which has been very valuable. I would definitely recommend the course and Tom as a trainer."
Claire Kennady, HR Manager, Norgren

"Tom’s direct and powerful training style quickly cut right through to our Store Managers at our recent Sales Conference. He held delegates attention, involved them in the subject matter and left them on a motivational high that was the perfect end to our event. Tom took the time to get to know us well as a client before the event which helped no end in ensuring he pitched his training appropriately for our business and his audience."
Phil Whittle, Operations Director, Schuh

COURSE:  Delivering Presentations With Confidence   (1 Day) 
"Excellent course. Tom is very knowledgeable about the subject. He has a wide range of life experiences to illustrate points he wants   to make. The whole course went well. I found it was very informal as there was only another attendee there, which made a more relaxed atmosphere during the day. The course pointed me in the right direction with regards to doing presentations. I certainly benefited from doing the course. Tom was a very easy going and amiable trainer. I would recommend the course and further courses delivered by Tom."
Adrian Broadhead, Team Manager, McVities Cake Company

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