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Here at Cousins Engineering, we are experts in the production of CNC precision machined components. Our extensive CNC precision machined components are manufactured for a variety of industry sectors including marine, transport, oil and gas, and plant. We use the very latest machinery and CAD/CAM programming facilities to ensure the best possible results.  

Precision Machined Components

Cousins Engineering has been manufacturing precision machined parts since 1966. We're based in Northampton and offer you advice on component design and materials choice, along with production and finishing services. Our clients have included firms in sectors like marine, defence, telecoms, oil and gas and automotive manufacturing.

We offer you CNC milling or turning and can work in materials including aluminium alloys, hastelloy, titanium, stainless and mild steel, and cast iron depending on your requirements. And your components will be given a through quality check using co-ordinate measuring and hand inspection machinery before we send them on to you.

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Precision Machined Components

CNC Precision Machining Milling

We have recently invested in a brand new Mazak Integrex J300 CNC precision machining milling machine.

Our new CNC precision machining milling machine includes:

  • Milling (B-axis) capable of 12,000 revs/min
  • 22 kW/30 hp machining / milling spindle
  • Main 4,000 revs/min (18.5 kW / 25 HP)
  • Turning spindle
CNC Precision Machining Milling

Milling Capacity

We have an impressive collection of milling capacity machinery.

Our milling capacity machinery includes:

  • MAZAK V515, 2off MAZAK VCN 510 (with complete fourth axis)
  • MAZAK HCN4000 Twin Pallet (with complete fourth axis)
Milling Capacity

Turning Capacity

Our extensive collection of turning capacity machinery enables us to work quickly and efficiently.

Our turning capacity machinery includes:

  • 2off MAZAK QUICK TURN 10
  • MAZAK QUICK TURN 15 N (Bar Feed)
  • MAZAK SUPER QUICK TURN 28 M (with Driven Tools)
  • MAZAK SUPER QUICK TURN 250 (with Driven Tools and Bar Feed)
Turning Capacity


We use OneCNC for preparation of a variety of NC Programs. Our clients are able to send their CAD generated component models via e-mail to enable us to manufacture precision parts quickly and efficiently. Our CAD/CAM facilities reduce the risk of errors and enable us to create both simple and challenging parts.



CNC Turning

At Cousins Engineering we've been creating components for our clients since 1966. We use advanced CNC equipment at our base in Northampton and operate under the ISO 9001 quality certification. All of the parts we offer to you are subjected to thorough quality checks and are manufactured according to your design requirements.

Our CNC turning cell gives you the option of ordering components of between 10 and 76mm in diameter, and billet sizes of up to 400mm in diameter. Our team of engineers is always available to chat through what you're looking for and we can manufacture a prototype part before you commit to large scale batch production.

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CNC Turning

CNC Multitasking Machining

At Cousins Engineering we offer you component manufacture using advanced CNC multitasking machining techniques. Our highly-skilled and experienced team of engineers is here to provide you with design advice and assistance and can carry out everything from prototype production to large scale batches.

We use Mazak Integrex multi-task CNC milling and turning equipment for the manufacture of your components. This provides fast, highly accurate production and can produce thousands of identical components in a rapid turnaround time. And once a component is manufactured by our machinery we subject them to thorough quality checks to ensure you only receive perfectly formed parts.

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CNC Multitasking Machining

Milled Components

At Cousins Engineering we've been providing our clients with turned and milled components since 1966. We offer you component manufacture using CNC milling equipment and quality checks using co-ordinate measuring machinery, hand inspection tools, and micrometre gauges to ensure you only receive finished parts of the highest quality.

Our milling equipment includes Mazak and Mori Seiki machining centres that can execute your designs for parts of up to 1.7 metres in length and 650mm in width. And they can be connected to our CAM programmes if you send us over designs in 3D model or paper form. And once the parts are manufactured we can arrange for finishes such as anodising, plating and heat treatments.

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Milled Components
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