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Established in 1975, we are an independent weighing machine company with extensive links with many leading manufacturers. We supply a diversity of weighing scales and systems and have an outstanding reputation as a load cell weighing and scale provider.

We have the widest variety of load cell weighing applications available in the UK and pride ourselves on your expertise and outstanding prices. Our services include the supply of shear beam load cells, s type load cells, tension link load cells, spoke load cells, and torsion ring load cells.

Crane Scales

We provide a comprehensive range of industrial weighing scales including crane scales. With a variety of models available offering a range of capacities and accuracies. Different types are suited to light industrial applications and heavy duty cranes are perfect for industrial environments such as shipping operations, foundries, mining and food processing.

Our range of crane scales includes:

  • CSC OCS-L Crane Scale
  • CSC XZ-GGE Crane Scales
  • CSC OCS-M Crane Scale
  • CSC OCS-A Crane Scale
  • MCWL Series Multi Range Crane Scale
  • MCW "Professional" Crane Scale
  • MCWK "Professional" Series Stainless Steel Crane Scale
  • MCWHU "Hulk" Series Suspended Crane Scale
  • MCW Atex Suspended Crane Scale
Crane Scales

Laboratory Balances

We supply a range of laboratory balances and scales at highly competitive prices. They designed for various laboratory. applications. Laboratory balances provide precise and analytical balance solutions and our range includes portable precision balances with counting features.

Our series of laboratory balances also consist of:

  • Ohaus Emerald JE Series Portable Balance
  • Ohaus Compact CS Series
  • Ohaus Scout Pro Portable Balance
  • TB Series Balance
  • Ohaus Pioneer Analytical Balance With Internal Calibration
  • Ohaus Discovery Analytical Balance
  • Ohaus MB45 Moisture Analyser
Laboratory Balances

Axle Weigh Pad

We have an extensive range of axle weigh pad available from many manufacturers. Axle weigh pads are ideal for static or dynamic weighing options and are designed to be ultra slim and with built-in rechargeable batteries for remote usage.

Our variety of axle weigh pad options also include models designed for small sized vehicle weighing and portable weighing pads made for easy transportation and installation.

Axle Weigh Pad

Medical Scales

Our comprehensive series of medical scales include a wealth of different weighing products including baby scales and infant scales, bed scale and trolley scales and body composition scales.

Our medical scales also include: 

  • Chair Weighers and Chair Scales
  • Column Type Scales
  • Handrail Type Scales
  • Hoist Weighers
  • Portable Scales
  • Multifunction Scales
  • Wheelchair Scales
  • Theatre Swab and Mortuary Scales
Medical Scales

Touch Screen EPOS

Our touch screen EPOS allow transfer of sales between city ledger and rooms, tables and bar tabs and combine advanced touch screen technology. Our touch screen EPOS is pre-loaded with stable and flexible software suited for both retail and hospitality solutions.

Our touch screen EPOS products also include:

  • Cash Registers
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Note Checkers
  • Receipt and Kitchen Printers
  • Software
  • Money Counting
  • Epos Touch Screen
  • Portable Cash Registers
Touch Screen EPOS

Electronic Weight Indicators

We can supply high quality electronic weight indicators suited for a range of applications. Our electronic weight indicators are ideal for basic weighing needs to recipe systems, weighbridges and axle weight systems.

Electronic weight indicators can also be combined as part of a fully configurable bespoke weighing system.

Electronic Weight Indicators

Pallet Jack and Pump Track Scales

We offer various pallet jack and pump track scales for a diversity of capacities. Pallet jack and pump track scales can save time and money and are also designed with built in thermal printers.

They can also be integrated with Wi-Fi connection and USB connections in order to quickly extract data.

Pallet Jack and Pump Track Scales

Postal & Parcel Scales

We provide many types of postal and parcel scales from basic scales to weigh an item to more innovative postal and parcel scales showing the exact amount of postage to be paid.

We have a number of scales available to suit a range of budgets and can offer the correct scale for your requirement at great prices. We also provide a calibration service to cover all your ISO needs.

Postal & Parcel Scales

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