Cowens Ltd.

Cowens Ltd provide expert solutions for all your health, safety and environmental issues

Environmental: Pollution control hardware (containment booms, skimmers, pumps, oil water separators, tanks, oil on water detection, portable bunds, IBC bunded stillages, full retention & by-pass interceptors) and spill clean-up consumables (oil & chemical absorbents, granules& powders, biological cleaners, spill kits and ppe. Cowens are also level 3 accredited oil spill response contractors. They offer emergency 24/7 response to industrial, road, rail and residential spills, and use their vast range of hardware and consumables to minimise spill damage at the lowest cost. They have a contaminated land division for desk studies, intrusive site investigations and ground & groundwater remediation services. They offer consultancy services to vendors and property developers alike, with unique warranted remediation packages available. Cowens offer an engineering design and build service providing mechanical, electro-mechanical and project managed solutions.

Safety: Fire barriers and fireproof fillings and linings; air/gas filter media; liquid filters and separators; protective waddings and felts; chemical storage and transfer equipment; wide range of chemical bunds; personal protective equipment; intrinsically safe pumps; chemical absorbents; biological cleaning agents and solvent-free degreasers.

Health: Medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary cotton wools, disposable gloves, bandages and absorbents. NHS, wholesale and retail. Factory shop, mail order and export. With over 185 years of experience in non-wovens and exceptional customer service.

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