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At Cox Wokingham Plastics Ltd. (CWPL) we are a dedicated plastics engineering company with over 70 years experience.

We provide thermoforming, CNC machining, toolmaking, and fabrication and assembly services at CWPL. Our investment in the latest CAD technologies and technical machinery has made us the market leader we are today.


We are experts in the thermoforming process and offer a complete press, pressure and vacuum forming service.

Compatible with most thermoplastic sheet grades, our thermoforming comes with many potential benefits depending on your requirements:

These advantages include:

  • Wide range of material characteristics, inherent in the available thermoplastic sheet range
  • Economic production of surface detail
  • Economic moulding of large parts

Our vacuum forming abilities allow us to work with male or female tool formats, moulding up to 2500 x 1500mm.

CNC Machining

We host a range of 5-axis CNC machines, capable of repeatedly accurate routing and drilling. This enables the production of technically competent and accurate components.

Our CNC machining process offers an accurate and reliable method of 3D trimming on thermoformed components, and with our own in house CAD facilities we can work from our customers’ own files.


We boast an extensive in-house toolmaking facility, and have the abilities to manufacture both male and female format thermoforming tools in addition to any relevant assembly jigs and fixtures.

In our in-house CAD facility we can work with data in the format of a drawing, a sample or a CAD file, and we are capable of manufacturing entire suites of tools concurrently.

Fabrication and Assembly

At CWPL we can offer a range of sub-contract services in addition to our in-house fabrication and assembly.

Our ‘one stop shop’ fabrication and assembly service is enhanced by our extensive background knowledge and experience in the field and we can even offer complete project control.

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