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CP Cases designs and manufactures high-performance, protective cases and racks used for transport, operation and storage of essential equipment in commercial and military applications. Many of our products are accredited to MIL-STD-810, rated IP65 and carry NATO stock numbers.

Amongst the first to market in 1970s with flight cases for the live music industry, CP Cases now offers the broadest range of protective, operational transit cases for defence and security, broadcast and media, medical and scientific, offshore and many other sectors.

CP Cases has over 40 years of expertise in producing cases, 19-inch rack solutions and bags, CP Cases has an unparalleled range of in-house skill and expertise with rotomoulded plastic, aluminium, laminated plywood, HPP, textiles and CNC foam machining.

An extensive selection of options includes climate control (compressor and thermoelectric air conditioning units), EMC shielding; also fire resistance, and anti-static capabilities. We are constantly developing and refining our product range, pioneering the most effective preventative solutions for weather resistance, water ingress, rough handling and severe impact.

CP Cases' products are available in a wide range of standard sizes, and our UK-based design team can create a custom solution to meet (almost) any application your product requires.

Audio Visual (AV), Broadcast, Defence, Electronics, Energy, Marine, Events, Medical, Test and measurement, Tool Cases - Applications for your industry

CP Cases has over 40 years experience supporting many sectors and specific applications within. We continue to develop products to suit client’s needs – meaning we can design to specific needs and produce customised solutions. We look to understand client requirements first, and then apply a suitable design to fulfil and exceed expectations.

The Design Process

Our design process and protocols ensure the utmost product integrity during the manufacturing process. In addition to robust procedures and quality assurance processes we are ISO 9001 certified providing even greater client confidence.

Tough lightweight cases - Amazon Cases

Tough, lightweight rotomoulded cases for extreme conditions in desert, field, sea and air. Accredited to MIL-STD-810F and rated IP65. Amazon Cases provide the ultimate protection for your equipment, wherever you are.

Tough lightweight cases - Amazon Racks

Amazon 19-inch racks combine all the advantages of an Amazon Case with a lightweight rack chassis and elastomeric suspension system.

Lightweight racks - ERACK

Lightweight, shock-mounted transit racks in ruggedised aluminium, available in full and half-rack sizes with optional EMC-compliance, lids on/off. Ideal where weight, strength and portability are critical issues.

Lightweight Portable Cases - SatRack

Unique, super-lightweight solution for portable satellite equipment, available in full 19" and half rack sizes. Originally developed in close consultation with broadcast professionals. Conforms to IATA guidelines for checked-in baggage.

Foam Protection - Foam Inserts

CP Cases can tailor make foam internals for any size or shape case or bag by a variety of processes, including high speed CNC routing, laminating, drilling, blocking and hand sculpting. We calculate which density of foam to use and the exact thickness of foam required to produce the desired deceleration on impact.

Protective bags - Rugged Textiles

CP Cases’ rugged textile products protect portable electronics equipment, surgical and analytical instruments, professional broadcast cameras, audio apparatus, engineering tools, personal equipment for defence and security professionals and many other applications where the user is looking for a light-weight protection option.

19" racks

Our 19″ racks suit a host of markets and applications and are available in standard sizes and well as being custom made. Lightweight, strong and impact resistant they fulfill deployment, transport and storage of fragile electronic rack-mounted equipment. Many solutions are bespoke and are used in a range of sectors; defence & security, broadcast, satellite & telecoms, test & measurement, live performance and many others.

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