CPC- Color Plastic Chemie Albert Schleberger GmbH


The company Color Plastic Chemie Albert Schleberger GmbH is specialized in developing and producing masterbatches and additives since 1968.

We individually develop colour solution from a variety of plastic compounds (PS, ABS, SAN, PET, PE, PP, PC, TPU and many more) in order to provide our customers with optimal solutions.

Moreover, we offer the colour setup on-site (color mobil service) und thus ensure a smooth product setting. Our product portfolio in the area masterbatches additionally contains compounds, pigments, liquid colours and special batches (effect pigments, multify concentrates and combination batches).

CPC- Color Plastic Chemie Albert Schleberger GmbH

The versatile additives program contains: – antifog, for avoiding overheating – antioxidants, for protecting against thermal, mechanical or chemical influences – UV protection, for increasing resistance to light – flame retardants – antistatic agents, for avoiding respectively reducing dust attraction and spark discharge – lubricant respectively antiblock, for increasing sliding properties on the surface – diverse other additive concentrates according to requirements.

Our solutions are successfully used for application in the construction, automotive, electrical, cosmetics and food industry as well as for medical technology or general packaging industry.

Our products:
- Additives
- Colour concentrates for plastics
- Masterbatches
- Liquid colourants
- Antioxidants for plastic
- Additives for plastics
- Additive concentrates for the plastics industry
- Antistatic agents
- Pigments for plastics
- Lubricants for the plastic industry

CPC- Color Plastic Chemie Albert Schleberger GmbH
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