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We are leading suppliers of a wide range of industrial and synthetic lubricants. We are a world renowned leader in supplying synthetic lubricants to original equipment manufacturers. We have developed the hardest working lubricants possible to meet your needs in specialist areas such as: ammonia and carbon dioxide compression, air process gas, hydrocarbon compression, HCFC and HFC compression and biodegradable.

Our synthetic lubricants, with many OEM approvals, extend the life of your equipment and reduce operating costs in the following types of machinery: refrigeration and non-refrigeration compressors, pumps, rotary equipment, vacuum systems, specialised gear boxes and hydraulic systems.

Industrial Lubricants

We specialise in the creation and supply of industrial lubricants. For industrial lubricants, our engineers and scientists have formulated high performance synthetic lubricants for most industrial system applications including lubricants for use in gear, hydraulic and vacuum applications. In addition, CPI has formulated a line of lubricants for use in high speed, high temperature chain applications such as tenter chains.

The synthetic base fluids used in our formulations have been proven in extensive field evaluation to give extended service life and overall economic benefits. The use of a synthetic based lubricant provides a high viscosity index, high film strength and excellent shear resistance. This provides increased energy efficiency through reduced friction and heat build-up. We are independent from influence by the large global refrigerant manufacturers and are base stock independent as well. You choose the application, we optimize equipment performance through proper lubricant selection.

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Industrial Lubricants

Air Compressor Lubricants

We also specialise in air compressor lubricantsWe offer a complete line of air compressor lubricants for the following compressor types: rotary screw, reciprocating, vane and scroll.

The use of a custom formulated synthetic lubricant provides extended service life at high temperatures and cost-effective performance.

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Air Compressor Lubricants

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