CPS Partnership Ltd

CPS Partnership Ltd are the sole UK distributors of Amabilia HPRC watertight protective cases and the Seahorse range of watertight protective cases.

CPS Partnership Ltd can supply a comprehensive range of watertight protective cases which are available in many sizes, from small plastic flight cases to larger containers with retractable handles and wheels. These protective cases are all watertight and very robust and are designed to combat climatic and environmental hazards. They are all IP67 rated and also conform to many other standards.

The Amabilia HPRC range has a semi-automatic purge facility and is made of a new rugged high performance resin which provides excellent impact resistance and a lighter weight.

The Seahorse range is made of tough polypropylene co-polymer, feature an automatic pressure purge system and have a refined look. All cases are IP67 rated.

Cases can be tailored from a selection of accessories such as foam inserts, versatile divider sets, panel kits for mounting electronic equipment, or simply a cadura bag for protecting sensitive equipment. A range of locking systems are available from a simple padlock to a sophisticated keyed metal locking system.
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