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Clinical Polymer Technologies Ltd (CPT) is a UK based sub-contract manufacturer of high quality precision moulded polymer components primarily for health care & life support industries.

Utilising state of the art LSR & injection moulding techniques alongside the skills of dedicated personnel, CPT demonstrates their skills in manufacturing components from simple mouldings through to the most exacting manufactured assemblies made to individual customer specifications.

Although we specialise in Silicone Polymers, CPT's material portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum from FDA approved LSR and Silicone polymers through to Viton, EPDM & natural compounds in a full colour range.

Since it's conception, CPT has become recognised as more than just a rubber moulder. As manufacturers of niche medical products our skills & abilities are fully demonstrated from development to production exploiting all of the companies facilities & skill sets.

Critical components are manufactured within ISO 8 Class K (100,000) cleanrooms. To ensure complete cleanliness of product throughout all processes, critical components can be moulded, assembled, printed, inspected and packaged within the confines of the cleanroom areas.

Manufacturing product within the medical market has enabled CPT to launch into other critical contamination free sectors, such as Pharmaceutical & Electronic components, where the ability to manufacture components in a clearoom environment is paramount.

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