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We are CPU tech Computer & Tech Support in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Choosing who looks after your computers and other tech is never an easy task, they run our lives and have become essential everyday items. Try leaving home without your mobile phone, you feel as though part of you is missing.

We have built up an enviable reputation for reliability and customer service in Gloucestershire, and being Cheltenham-based, we are ideally situated to service the whole county and beyond if required.

Our ethos has always been based around great customer service with clear communication channels open at all times. Our company exists because of you, the customer, and we never forget that.

Specialising in small business and home user support, we work closely with you, delivering the solutions that best match your situation and circumstances. Good old fashioned customer support, the way it should be.

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PC and Mac Service, Repairs and Tuition

Every now and then its a good idea to get your PC or Mac the equivalent of an MOT or service.

Just like your car, a computer needs servicing to keep it in tip-top working condition, and as always it is the details that matter. Getting this done now could prevent unwelcome and costly future breakdowns. Loose PC cards, dodgy connections and components that are ready to fail can be identified and dealt with before suffering the consequences of a down PC / Workstation or worse still, loss of data

If you already have a PC that has failed in some way, we can examine it for you, ascertain what is wrong and if you agree with our assessment, we can get it fixed for you. In the case of Mac repairs, these can be often be achieved but sometimes do have to go to a registered Apple™ repair centre becasue the parts cannot be purchased outside of their group.

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PC and Mac Service, Repairs and Tuition

Virus and Malware Removal and Prevention

When your computer starts acting strange or your programs are not responding the way they should, chances are your equipment has contracted a virus or piece of malware. Viruses can be very destructive and are capable of literally bringing your machine to a ‘Dead Stop’. Spyware and Malware are malicious programs or pieces of code that can log every keystroke and send private information back to the perpetrator, often not as destructive as a virus but equally as dangerous.

We have specialist methods of removing all traces of these parasitic infections, and can advise you on how to keep your system protected against future cyber attacks.

We provide only the best, tried and tested internet security products from ESET™, known for their robust yet small footprint on your system so they dont slow anything down. Also ESET™ has a heuristic scan engine that determines whether a program or attachment 'Might' be a threat, even if it's a brand new virus encountered for the very first time.

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Virus and Malware Removal and Prevention

Smart Phone and Tablet Support and Tuition

There are literally hundreds of different smart phones on the market, most of which operate on only three major platforms or operating systems, IOS (Apple), Android and Windows Phone. We have extensive knowledge of all these systems and can offer help and support with anything from setting up your device properly, making and receiving calls, texting and of course emails.

Alongside the smart phones there has been an explosion of tablets and tablet PCs again most of which operate on the three main Operating Systems, IOS (Apple™), Android and Windows™.

So whether you have the latest iPhone, iPad or iPod or maybe the latest Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, or maybe the Nokia Lumia windows Phone or Surface tablet, we can help you get the most out of them.

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Smart Phone and Tablet Support and Tuition
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