Crabb Engineering


With 22 CNC machine tools offering 3, 4 and 9 axis with live tooling facilities our machine shop is well equipped to manufacture quality components to our customers.

Live Tooling and CNC Lathes

9 machines including Akebono, Daewoo, XYZ, Hitachi-Seiki and Romi, allowing up to 230mm chucking, 65mm bar capacity and 700mm be-tween centres. Machines are programed off line using MasterCam.

CNC Vertical Milling

11 machines including Haas, Cincinnati, and XYZ Prototrack, with ca-pacity up to 1500mm and full 4th Axis. Machine's are programmed off line using EdgeCam and DelCam software.


4 machines including Harrison, Colchester and Hardinge with capacity up to 200mm between centres and 700mm swing, all machines are fitted with digital readouts.


 3 machines including Bridgeport and Ajax with table size up to 1400mm x 250mm all fitted with digital readouts.

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