Craftec Power Ltd.


 Craftec’s standard product portfolio is particularly extensive, covering a power range of 1 watt to 50 kilowatts. It includes open-frame and enclosed models, configurable modular power supplies, rackmounting bulk power units, laboratory bench power supplies, dc/dc bricks, and external power adapters, many of which are also available in medically approved versions.

In the design-in process we work closely with our suppliers, ensuring our customers select the optimum product for their applications, based upon the specification requirements of power, performance, and price.


As an ISO approved organisation, we understand the necessity of working to associated quality and manufacturing standards, with our products meeting global EMC and safety requirements. Our products consistently meet and exceed the ever-changing demands from some of Europe’s leading electronics customers. Whenever you buy a power supply from Craftec you can be sure it has been manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory.

No matter how demanding your application, you can count on Craftec providing the right power supply for you. Let our experienced sales force and application engineers guide you to the best solution for your application, ensuring that our products enhance your position in the market


A converter often encapsulated and contains all the necessary components for independent operation. Some bricks need additional components. It is typically a DC/DC converter, often incorporating a wide input voltage range, in either a surface mount or through hole board mounting package.


A Cassette/Rack power supply is a plug-in converter that is typically used within a rack system. The converter slides into guides and is often connected via a connector on the back-plane. Featuring either AC/DC or DC/DC units, the case dimensions usually conform to specific industry norms.


An external power supply is a stand-alone power supply, which is physically separated from the system it powers. It can be wall plug mounting or desktop style and is typically offered with a choice of output cable and connector


A laboratory power supply is often used in development, test & production environments where variable voltages and currents are required using analogue or digital displays. Available as AC/DC or AC/AC, it typically has the facility to be externally controlled via analogue or digital interfaces

Open Frame/Enclosed

An open frame/enclosed power supply may be provided as an open PCB, L bracket, U channel chassis or fully enclosed. Many units are provided with the chassis or case as an integral part of the unit.

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