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Unique to the usual range of services provided by other test houses, Cranage offer compliance reviews, technical file documentation and guidance on regulatory affairs to assist companies to market their electrical and electronic products throughout Europe and N. America.

In addition to having extensive facilities for handling large or heavy items of equipment, if your products cannot be transported to test houses we will test them on your premises.

International Product Approval

QPS Evaluation Services, Inc is a Nationally Recognised Testing Laboratory (NRTL) authorized by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the United States, and accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, to test, certify and publicly list many products under US and Canadian statutory requirements.  Founded in 1995, QPS is a privately owned company based in Toronto, Canada with a test facility also in the USA (Cleveland, OH).  A team of around seventy professionals are engaged in providing a testing and certification service to US and Canadian standards and codes, as well as a variety of specialised services such as ATEX, IECEx and CB Scheme Certificates.

The following is provided by Cranage EMC & Safety on behalf of QPS:-
i)    Testing of numerous electrical/electronic products as well as household appliances and industrial machinery for NRTL and CB certification
ii)    Factory inspections in the UK  - factories located in other countries would be inspected by a growing network of qualified QPS agencies (China, Japan, etc)
iii)    Project management from initial enquiry to delivery of product certification marks and CB Certificates provided by QPS Evaluation Services, Inc.

In Canada and the USA, third-party certification of electrical products is mandatory by law.  Fully supported by QPS, Cranage tests products for compliance with International (IEC standards), American (UL standards) and Canadian (CSA) standards.
QPS is accredited by:-
·    OSHA – NRTL (Nationally Recognised Testing Laboratory)
·    SCC – Standards Council of Canada (QPS marks accepted by AHJ’s as UL/CSA marks)
·    IAS – International Accreditation Service, Inc. (Certification and Field Evaluation Body)
·    A2LA – American Association of Laboratory Accreditation
·    IECEE/CB – NCB and CBTL
·    Website link:  

The partnership advantage of working with Cranage EMC & Safety:-
·    Fully project managed service for Canadian, North American and CB product approvals
·    No need to send products away to be certified for these markets
·    Unlimited access to testing knowledge and compliance solutions
·    Factory audits and manufacturing process inspections to maintain certification  
·    Working on your behalf with the certification lab  
·    Local prices with excellent turnaround


International Product Approval

Apprenticeships at Cranage

Knowledge as a mainstream approach into adapting and developing skills within a wider workforce. Apprenticeship opportunities are beneficial to taking new staff on-board, male or female, into Cranage to meet future requirements in engineering. 

You'll take part into doing a real job as well as working alongside our highly skilled engineers, earn money from it and be involved in the Apprenticeship scheme. This is an opportunity to prove and push yourself into a career path you see yourself in.

Whether it's GCSE, BTEC or A-Levels – taking part in an apprenticeship with Cranage will expand opportunities in the future. 

Why be an apprentice for Cranage?

At Cranage we are seen as innovative and professional, we are proud of our facilities in EMC Testing and UKAS accreditations for testing electronic and electrical products. We are qualified and experienced to support expanding businesses with domestic or global trading objectives. Cranage stands out as somewhere you could be be working in the future.

We invest into your learning and experience, working with leading industrial engineers that will support outstanding and challenging roles. We encourage support in gaining important qualifications to set you up for your engineering future, expecting nothing but success for yourselves. 

This could lead you onto gaining a degree at university and other qualifications. A big factor is earning your own money, gaining independence as well as being trained up to be just like our current employees.

One of the benefits of an apprentice working with Cranage is getting to work with different customers’ producing products for many different purposes.

What we look for..

This opportunity depends on your motivation and current academic achievements to follow through. You can find out more information on the Direct Gov website regarding Apprenticeships.

Advanced/Modern Apprenticeships: Practical - GCSEs at Grade D or above

Advanced/Modern Apprenticeships: Technical/Specialist Science - GCSEs at Grade C or above

Higher Apprenticeships - Engineering: A-Levels or equivalent (BTEC) at Grade C or above, Maths,Physics/Chemistry and one other subject

We expect candidates to be motivated, enthusiastic and the drive to get stuck into projects we undertake. 

What to expect..

1.    Challenge – Challenging engineers is what makes Cranage successful and you'll gain the opportunity of learning from our experienced and qualified employees that will challenge throughout your time in the apprentice.

2.    Opportunity – At Cranage you won't just be earning a qualification but important skills that will prepare you for the future.

3.    Support – We offer thorough monitoring and teaching that will enhance your knowledge and skills.

4.    Diversity – Depending on the role you wish the undertake, this will involve being spread around our site in Market Drayton, within our newly developed test laboratory.

Applying process

1.    Once you've decided that this is something you're enthusiastic on, you can apply online in our info page or pick up a application form from the office. 


Apprenticeships at Cranage

CE Marking Consultants

As well as providing a hands-on accredited testing service, our unrivalled range of services as CE Marking Consultants includes technical problem solving and advice relating to regulatory approvals to aid technical professionals.

As CE Marking Consultants we can identify if a product is in line with all New Approach Directives or carry out a gap analysis on which to base a plan for achieving compliance.  The New Approach Directives relate to health, safety, the environment and consumer protection.  Our ‘CETICK’ compliance advisory service helps in documenting a complete technical check on any product within our testing scope that is offered for sale.

Low Voltage Directive

The Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC is applicable to all electrical and electronic equipment which use voltages within the ranges of 50V to 1000V AC or 75V to 1500V DC.

Our unrivalled experience in providing product testing services has led to Cranage being appointed, by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, as a Notified Body for electrical equipment safety under the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

EMC Testing Services

We are the preferred single source for EMC and LVD testing in the UK. Our EMC Testing Services also extend to other parts of Europe, Japan, Australia and N. America. Our range of EMC Testing Services is extensive and covers all product testing requirements, including:-

• Onsite (in-situ) testing of large equipment
• Accredited laboratory testing (mail order or witnessed)
• Pre-compliance testing for product development

EMC Test House

Our EMC test house is accredited by UKAS to perform numerous measurements and tests using state-of-the-art instruments and software so that your products can be evaluated with accuracy, precision, and repeatability.

Our unique approach to emissions testing of large equipment and machinery also allows our EMC test house to deliver reliable and cost efficient EMC testing on your premises, significantly reducing overall test time to minimise work-flow impact on production schedules.

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