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Here at Cranford Engineering, we specialise in making bespoke moulds for the rubber industry as well as all kinds of metalwork for all sectors. Whether you are looking for bike, boat or car parts or general domestic parts for repairs, we will be able to create a solution for you.

Precision Engineering

We are experts in providing precision engineering to suit your individual requirements. We offer bespoke design as well as general parts for types of industry.

Based in Surrey, we boast the experience of providing precision engineering services for other national manufactures as well as local businesses who require our services.

We will take your personal project from initial design through to completion using our many years of experience and know how. Get in touch with your precision engineering requirements to see how we can assist you.

CAD Design

We use CAD design to design products from scratch or even convert your existing designs. We can create visuals and models to enable you to see what your final product will look like and how it will work.

Our expert CAD design capabilities using the latest technology enable us to create and manipulate data to create your part or mould using our CNC machine tools.

Spark Erosion

We successfully use spark erosion to machine hard to machine precision shapes and materials. We have two Sparkatron spark erosion machines that can be programmed to cut a variety of cavities, undercuts and profiles to your specifications. We can even drill square holes very easily using our spark eroder.


CNC Milling

We have many years of experience so CNC milling is second nature to us. Using the latest technology and machines we will use CNC milling to product complex machined parts for you for scratch using your ideas or designs.

We have several CNC milling machines to enable us to manufacture parts of all shapes and sizes with excellent surface finishes and accuracy.

We are always happy to talk to you about any CNC machining requirements, so feel free to call or email us.

CNC Turning

We use our Harrison Alpha 550 to provide you with precise CNC turning. This CNC turning machine is one of the biggest in Surrey, enabling us to turn larger complex curves and shapes using mostly offline programming.

We specialise in one-offs, bespoke and custom work for all industry sectors both locally and nationally. Show us your ideas and we will bring them to life in line with your requirements.



Cranford Engineering is the quickest place around to come for cylinder head skimming.

We can also reface engine blocks or machine them as you require. You will need to strip nearly everything off them. If in doubt, ask.

Please call us to discuss any specific requirements on 01372 272380

Part Manufacturing

General engineering and machining has become a major contributor to the success of Cranford Engineering. We do CNC machining,  fitting and machining, welding repairs and one off production. We have been helping out local businesses and individuals for many years and our range of skills has grown with our customer base. We are always willing to take on something that might be out of the ordinary.


Bead Blasting

Bead blasting i.e. cleaning surfaces by the impact of very fine glass beads carried by a jet of compressed air (small dry items only).

Every job we do is different. We have years of experience and know how. Talk to us about your design or manufacturing project. Call us on 01372 272380



Toolmakers to the Rubber Industry

The team at Cranford Engineering have been toolmaking for generations. We make moulds for the rubber industry using the very latest in 3D modelling and CNC machining. Clients usually provide us with CAD data of the finished product, the material shrinkage data and the press details and we do the rest. We use p20, EN8 or mild steel for our moulds and provide the finished tooling direct to the client via our own transport.

TIG Welding

TIG is short for Tungsten Inert Gas, the tungsten bit is the electrode from which a plasma arc is struck, the inert gas surrounds the tungsten and the weld to prevent oxidation.

We are often asked to weld aluminium parts or repair alloy wheels. We have welded hundreds of alloy wheels and this picture shows us welding a BMW wheel for a customer.

Call us on 01372 272380 for your alloy welding needs.


Manual Drilling, Milling, Turning and Fitting

At Cranford Engineering we have comprehensive design and machining facilities enabling a wide variety of services and benefits. Metalwork is our passion. We can repair, modify, craft or bring your ideas to life.


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