Creative Awards


If you are looking for corporate awards or corporate jewellery, we can help. We a have a great deal of experience in producing bespoke awards in many different materials.

Our corporate awards and corporate jewellery will more than meet you expectations. Our awards can be made from glass, metal, acrylic, timber, resin, and mixed media. They can include sculpture, wall plaques and jewellery. We have an in-house corporate awards design service to tailor your awards to your budget and specific requirements.

Award Trophy

Our award trophy service can be tailored to meet your demands and requirements. We use a variety of materials and production methods. Our award trophy service includes the design of your trophy but we can use your design. If  you are unsure of what you want, we can offer expert advice.

Your award trophy can be made from a multitude of materials including:

  • Bespoke glass
  • Metal
  • Acrylic
  • Timber
  • Resin
  • Mixed media
  • Eco friendly

If you have your own award trophy design, call us for a quote.

Award Trophy

Trophies and Awards

We use many different processes, technology and materials to make our trophies and awards. We also use traditional methods to ensure the quality of our trophies and awards are first class.

Our trophies and awards are made using the following techniques: glass engraving, hand engraving, seal engraving, machine engraving, screen printing, casting, glass blowing, and sculpture.

Trophies and Awards

Glass Awards

We have a large range of glass awards in stock and we can speedily engrave your award for a quick turnaround on your requirement.

If you need a quality glass awards service, contact us and we can help. Our glass awards cover a huge range of types including:

  • Big top glass awards
  • Blue spire glass award
  • Evolving star glass award
  • Honour glass award
  • Partner glass award
  • Superstar glass award
  • Star glass award

This is just a very small selection of our huge range of glass awards so please visit our website for the full list.

Glass Awards


We have a very quick and professional glass engraving service more than capable of giving you the finest detail possible within a quick timescale.

You can choose a glass item from our website and then our engraving service will perform the engraving. You can even have your own glass engraved by us. Our engraving service covers anything you want -- from bold designs to very intricate ones.


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