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Croft Engineering manufacture a comprehensive range of filter design, ranging in size and shape but can also design filters to customer specifications. We offer an innovative solution to arrange of filtration problems.

Filter Design

  • Baskets, strainers & cylinders
  • Cone filters
  • Screens
  • Witches hats
  • Bespoke

Perforated Plate

Croft Engineering Services has a comprehensive range of perforated plate stock and more, ranging in size and styles. We create perforated plate to customer specifications on request and a highly competitive rate and speed.

We aim to manufacture and dispatch requested perforated plates and other stock on a next day delivery when we can, this can depend on the complicity of the design.


Perforated Plate

Pump Filters

Croft Engineering Services have designed and developed a new machine which will reduce the cost and time of manufacturing of Dixon rings as well as a range of pump filters.

With the skill and knowledge of Croft Engineering Services employees aiding the stages of this development it has resulted in a machine that produces high volume at high quality of Dixon rings.

For more information on pump filters please visit our website.

Pump Filters

Sea Strainers

Croft Engineering Services manufacture and stock a range of sea strainers in different shapes, sizes and materials.

Also we offer a rental service of our sea strainers if a company only needs them for a period of time, as well a storage service if customers would like to purchase our sea strainers.



Croft Engineering Services manufacture and distribute a vast range of strainers, in any size shape or material, meeting any specifications required.

We also offer a rental service for strainers for the companies that only need strainers for a certain period of time. When you have finished with the strainers all you need to do is return to us.


Wire Mesh

Croft Engineering Services provide a vast profile of wire mesh, which is aimed to be despatched on a next day delivery. As well as supplying wire mesh, Croft Engineering can manipulate into a product, adding value for the customer.

Manipulation of wire meshes:

  • Plain Weave
  • Twill Weave
  • Hollander
  • Dutch Weave
Wire Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh

Croft Engineering Service stocks a wide variety of woven wire mesh products.  If you are in need of a specific woven wire mesh for screening purposes, please visit our website as we stock woven wire mesh to meet the needs of many requirements.

Woven Wire Mesh

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